Let's be honest. Working from home is here to stay!

Set your teams up for working remotely with digital P2P. We have YOU covered: From raising purchase orders & integrated online buying to automated invoice data capture & digital procurement. Our software makes it easy for everyone involved & can be used anywhere, anytime.

Don't lose sight of what really matters!

Keep an eye on the full picture - in & out of Finance & AP!

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We believe that remote working is here to stay. Let's be honest, the old arguments against home working are dead in the water.
And nobody is going to give up their time to travel into an office when they don't need to BORING!

If  #TheFutureIsNow  then are you ready?

With your teams spread out in different locations, how can you be sure they have received and processed all invoices & paid all suppliers?
The last things you need right now are late payments and inaccurate cashflow reports.

What about those of you placing orders for your teams? Can you get easy sign off, visibility of your budgets?
And if so, how many spreadsheets & emails are you contending with? There has to be an easier way, right?

Is your team ready to be remote?

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Let's be honest with ourselves. This is hear to stay! Download our checklist to audit your accounts payable process, see whether it ticks all the boxes for remote working and evaluate any areas to consider.

Let your teams help!

Buy more online.

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Your teams can choose goods from popular marketplaces like Amazon Business, and the platform will pick it up from there automatically!

Every purchase is approved through dynamic workflows before a PO is created and order is submitted, so say hello to 100% clarity and transparency! The software can even check against your budgets before allowing the order to be raised... Say goodbye to rogue spend!

Don't miss a supplier invoice...

Get your supplier invoices sent straight to you.

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All you need to do is ask your suppliers to send all their invoices to your new Compleat invoicing mailbox, we’ll do the rest!

Invoice data is then captured, extracted and matched to a PO with automated GL and tax code defaulting.
Just work with the exceptions and the platform will learn as you go!
No more needing to travel into an office each day to pick up the post, scan the invoice & then email them around to be processed!

See what's happening & when!

Stay ahead of the game & on top of your spend!

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Using a digital Buy to Pay service means that all of your data is in the platform ALL of the time!

What this really means is that both finance & management can dig in & analyze spend, payment statuses & cash requirement reports to generate real-time, data-driven insights.
And with real-time budget checking you can be sure that your teams aren't spending what they haven't got, helping keep the whole business on track.

Want to read more?

The buyers guide to AP & Purchasing Automation.

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If you are automating your AP or purchasing processes for the first time, what are the questions to consider & then ask every potential supplier to make sure you make the best decision for your business?

It is often what you don’t ask (and what the vendor avoids explaining) that makes the difference...

Buyers guide to AP and Purchasing Automation
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