On-Demand Webinar: How can purchasing automation stretch your budgets and give you time to achieve more from available funding?

How well will your current accounts payable processes cope with remote working?

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About the webinar

Today there are now two major concerns for every school:

  • "How can we achieve more with the available funding?"
  • "How will our accounts payable manage through self-isolation and remote working?"

Our webinar addresses both of these issues.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how leveraging the latest capabilities of purchasing automation technology enables every school to work more efficiently. We will then show how using the spend data we capture enables us to identify and achieve significant savings on what you already buy, as well as how our fully integrated online buying from Amazon Business, YPO and other suppliers makes buying simple and convenient for everyone involved.

We also investigate how schools can address a new and major concern of how the accounts payable function will work when some or all staff are forced to work from home. While schools may be closed, the finance function must continue – probably for a number of months. Will your current accounts payable processes fail?

In this webinar we will highlight

  • How purchasing automation can make life easier, more convenient and introduce highly robust controls for everyone involved
  • How automation will help to manage every budget in real time and speed up the purchasing process significantly
  • How we enable everyone to work remotely and still get the job done on
  • How we can use your spend data to deliver real and sustainable savings to reduce the cost of what you already buy
  • How purchasing automation will make a strategic difference to your school, year-on-year, to enable you to achieve more

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Iain Cresswell

Iain Cresswell

Iain is an expert in helping schools, academies and multi-academy trusts become more productive and make significant savings.

In addition to making a difference in the education industry with Compleat’s spend management platform, Iain is an avid traveller and enjoys learning all things culinary.