Important Service Announcement Update:

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Following our Service Announcement status update on Tuesday 14th September, we have spoken to a significant number of our customers regarding the current delays in the processing of their invoices.

The overwhelming consensus is that the absolute priority is to get these invoices into the Compleat application in the shortest time possible, so that they can be processed.

We have reviewed all the available options of how we could achieve this.

The optimum approach to expedite the speed of delivery of the backlog is to process only the invoice header information and not capture and process the associated invoice lines.

This approach will deliver the invoices into the Compleat “unprocessed tray” in the normal way, but without the line level detail. Invoices that require a single GL code, VAT / TAX analysis and single approval processes can then be processed very quickly. If an invoice requires multiple GL coding / approval processes, then additional line(s) will need to be added manually by our customers. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to be selective by customer on this approach.

Our collective goal is to fully catch up and be processing invoices normally by Monday next week.

Based on our customers priorities,  we have taken the decision to process all current invoices in the queue to only deliver the header level information to clear the backlog and this will commence from 9am this morning.

We will revert to the header and line level extraction as soon as we clear the backlog.

This has been a very frustrating time for all of our customers, but please rest assured that all of Compleat’s staff are doing everything we can to return to “business as usual”.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Kind regards,

Neil Robertson & Philip Douglas

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