Waveney River Centre Success Story

Another happy customer leaves manual AP processes in their wake.

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No more swimming upstream! Compleat puts you in the current. Got any more river related puns? Answers on a (digital) postcard!

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What better way for you to find out what you are looking at than to hear it from those that went before?

How did we help?

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Waveney River Centre is saving time by processing invoices & easily tracking authorizations, anytime & anywhere. Their business processes have been made much easier, efficient, & flexible with the use of our cloud-based software, saving time and money while raising their business standard.

Being an SMB, Waveney River Centre looked at various systems but felt that Compleat looked like an easy system to use & cost considerably less to run than other systems on the market, which also seemed over-complicated. With the invoicing automation capabilities of Compleat, Waveney River Centre now has real-time visibility into invoice status, supplier details, & payment terms.

Easy Access

to invoices & purchase orders for you to approve (or deny!) your financials on the go - anywhere, anytime.

Save Time

by having staff focus on other essential aspects of their work & avoid having to chase down invoices & PO’s.

Clear Audit Paths

& no lost paperwork making audits far quicker & less painful.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

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"I have to say that we have found the team at Compleat to always be very helpful. Having been with them since 2017, we have been lucky enough to be with them through a lot of development."

Sarah Walker - Finance Manager, Waveney River Centre

Real Results

Waveney River Centre have removed ALL of their filing cabinets.

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They have also been able to automate their purchase ordering & invoicing processing. This has saved time & allowed them to focus on more important tasks making it easier for them to remain competitive in their local market.


What about the future?

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Staff can access invoices & orders whenever they want, processing times are cut & there is no more “lost” paperwork or time waiting for it to be authorized.

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