Comprehensive document management software

Document control software

Document control software helps companies manage their records more efficiently, and in full compliance with any relevant legislations and regulations.

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Businesses often struggle with managing their records. It’s easy for paper documents to become lost and misfiled within inconsistent and unorganised systems – systems which can sometimes span several departments or even the entire business.

Even if these records are well-organised and filed, it can be hard for everyone to access and share them easily.

Compleat’s document management software lets your business – whatever its size, headcount or industry – securely and electronically store, access, and monitor any kind of company document. Best of all, it comes completely free with any Compleat Software module purchase. 

document management software with Compleat

Flexible document control system  

Whether you use Compleat’s invoice management software, expense software, contract management software, timesheet software, work order management software, or a combination of solutions, you get included access to Compleat’s document control software solution. It’s not just a simple add-on, either: it’s a comprehensive platform in its own right, and complements our modules and services conveniently, effectively, and transparently.

Our document control software confers full control over any invoices, contracts, timesheets and purchase orders that your finance team and budget holders may need to keep and process via a secure online portal that is available across the entire business and from any connected device. Your finance team will have full visibility into all activity across every document and record held by your business – empowering you with greater fluidity, adaptability, and decision-making capability.

We also offer full training and implementation from our team of experts – so you don’t need to worry about getting your solution up and running.

Features and benefits

Compleat’s document management system offers a range of benefits to every kind of business. These benefits include:

  • Full access management.

    Have as much control over your records as you want. Set permissions so that everybody who requires access to documents has it – while maintaining the level of discretion that your business and its departments' needs.

  • Superior organisation.

    Never lose, misfile, or accidentally destroy a document again – our document control system allows you to store and retrieve everything electronically.

  • Bespoke solutions.

    Just like our other modules, our document control services are designed to suit your company’s specific needs.

  • Support.

    We’ll help you get set up – and we’ll make sure everything’s running smoothly when you are. Our online help centres, forums, and specialists are designed to make sure you never run into trouble.

  • Compliance.

    Our document control software is fully HMRC and VAT compliant and always will be.

A faster and simpler way to manage your business efficiently

Spending too long on invoicing and getting lost in too much paperwork? Having trouble to manage your budget, project and supplier? Take a look at our solutions!

document control software with Compleat

Why Compleat?  

As with our other solutions, the design and functionality of our document management software is informed by the twin pillars of our business: accounting experience and technological expertise.

Our specialists have plenty of both: their mission, and ours, is to fulfil your needs and bring your finance department into the 21st century.

Contact our specialists for information on how our document control software systems and solutions can help your business needs – or if you’re looking for something else, discover our purchase to pay systems, cash flow software, supplier relationship management software, corporate budgeting software and accounts payable automation solutions. 

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