Successfully delegate corporate and project budget management

Budget holder management software

Delivering real-time budget and project financial information to the budget holders before they make purchasing decisions, transforms corporate financial management.

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Real-time budget and project financial management

True financial management can only occur before a purchasing decision is made - provided that all the relevant information is immediately to hand - as everything that follows is simply accounting for it.

Every budget holder and project manager understands this, but almost all accounting and ERP software is incapable of meeting their needs. Our budget holder management software solves this problem. Accurate, real-time data ensures that every purchase is within budget, which is transformational for corporate and project budget management.

budget holder management software with Compleat


Providing the tools for better decision-making

All financially competent budget and project managers keep their own spreadsheets to track spend. The more diligence and accuracy dedicated to the maintenance of these spreadsheets, the more time must be spent on them. Time that could be far better invested in managing their departments and projects.

By simply capturing both current and future planned spend, our budget holder management software entirely removes the need for these spreadsheets. We provide a real-time view of both corporate and project related spend as far into the future as your business plans. Everyone that needs to, now has a single real-time view of the financial truth on what has been committed and what is planned, enabling far more diligent and effective spend management.

Spend visibility delivers smarter spend decisions

Whilst the finance department may be content relying on monthly management reports that are days out of date, the board of directors will instantly understand the value of real-time budget and project information. Not only will it save a great deal of time, it also ensures that overspend is identified as soon as possible, and proactive steps can be taken to minimise the implications.


corporate budgeting software with Compleat

Incredibly simple implementation  

Our budget holder management solution works by capturing a ‘request to purchase’ or a ‘planned future purchase’ through our browser based requisitioning software. This simple step replaces the home grown ordering processes used by individual departments and ensures every purchase is accurately recorded. It also enables the receipting of goods and services and automatically checks invoices against orders. Approvals can be undertaken from any device and our dedicated approval app can be seamlessly integrated into your existing accounting software.

Everyone that needs to can see every planned and committed spend as it takes place alongside the exact status of corporate and project related budgets. More disciplined and timely approval processes ensure that you only ever pay what was agreed, and not a penny more.

Financial management can now take place before the spend commitment is made, whilst fully automating the accounting process that follows. Everyone wins.

Corporate unity – a single real-time view of the financial truth

Accurately accounting for all company spend is simply, accounting. Spend management can only take place when all the relevant information is made available prior to the purchase commitment being made.

The successful delegation of corporate budget and project financial management revolutionises the efficiency and effectiveness of every business.

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The first step down this road is automating the invoice capture and approval process. Simply capture every invoice that arrives, digitise it and drop it into the approval process.

Machine learning enables up to 80% of all invoices to be delivered directly to the correct approver and on final approval, posted directly into your existing accounting software ready for prompt payment. All financial information from every supplier to every invoice is fully visible, from any device at any time.

Budget holder management software prices start at £65 per month. Our solution can be taken live in just a few hours (including comprehensive training) and will permanently remove 70% of the laborious admin undertaken by your business. 

Contact our team of experts now to discover how easily our budget holder management software can integrate into your business.

Features and benefits

Fully compliant with HMRC and VAT regulations, our technology is flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of your business. It offers several advantages, including:

  • Full budget visibility.

    A comprehensive solution empowered with the most accurate data grants you and your team real-time transparency into your company’s spending.

  • Unity.

    All departmental (and company) spend is unified under a simple, organised system accessible from any connected device, at any time.

  • Control and accountability.

    Give stakeholders financial autonomy, and spread financial responsibility across the entire organisation.

  • Specificity.

    Who sees what? How can they see it? Share knowledge easily and discreetly.

A faster and simpler way to manage your business efficiently

Spending too long on invoicing and getting lost in too much paperwork? Having trouble to manage your budget, project and supplier? Take a look at our solutions!

Why Compleat?  

Our budget holder management software is fully flexible and adaptable; designed and priced to meet the needs of any size business.

We also offer long term strategic solutions and additional application modules including invoice management software, expense software, purchase to pay software, contract management software and timesheet software – all tightly integrated into your existing accounting set up.

Two sides of the same coin

Why and how businesses bring together finance teams with budget holders.