Better information for better value procurement

  • Procurement is often a thankless task

    You work hard to get best value, but it's a struggle to keep everyone purchasing through your established, approved partners. Not any more.

  • Supplier/catalogue enforcement

    Compleat enables you to ensure preferred supplier and catalogues are used every time, with exceptions that re-route workflow to you prior to order approval.

  • Procurement workbench

    Capture requests into the procurement workbench to enable order consolidation to achieve best value.

  • Contract management and tendering

    Capture and manage every supplier contract to ensure a review prior to renewal, monitor ongoing performance and track discount triggers.

  • RFI/RFP and e-Auctions

    For complex projects, quickly create RFI and RFP on-line requests, automate scoring to help short list, or just fire up an e-auction.

  • Track savings

    Monitor the savings achieved - and those missed - to clearly demonstrate the value of smart procurement.

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Compleat is an intuitive, web-based purchase to pay system that will streamline your financial processes, empower your staff and transform your business.

Better information for best-value procurement

Procurement experts need the best information at their fingertips to get the best value out of their supplier relationships. We can do that - and more - so get in touch to find out how we can help lock down your processes from day one.

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