Webinar discussing the new way of working!

Compleat Coffee Session Episode 1

New way of working: how are businesses adapting to the change

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In this session James Vear (General Manager APAC, Compleat Software) has a chat with long time accounting tech industry veteran Rory Forbes (Chief Growth Officer, Compleat Software) about the shifts seen in the market when it comes to businesses and accounting practices needing to fully function while suddenly having to work completely remotely.

About the on-demand webinar

The sudden change from interacting face to face with employees and suppliers to working remotely has forced everyone – even the most skeptical and conservative – to reconsider which parts of the business can be digitized. James and Rory explore current trends and share experience in managing remote finance, marketing and sales teams in different parts of the world.

About the speakers

Compleat’s James Vear invites Rory Forbes, who has extensive experience in taking customers through their digital journeys internationally, to share both insights about managing his team as well as experience in digitizing customers’ accounting processes in the trying months of 2020.

What will I learn from this?

James and Rory chat about the challenges of suddenly needing to change the way companies work and share thoughts on how to get ready.

Topics you can expect to hear:

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Was anyone ready for a global pandemic and how are companies responding to the situation
Key areas to look at when starting a digital transformation in your business or accounting practice
Decision-making. Who decides: the CEO, CTO or Covid-19?
Tips on managing a company and teams remotely

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