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If you are an accountant in practice, you have probably dealt with piles of paper invoices arriving on your desk from clients at the end of the month… or the year. Some of these might even have signatures on them. Did you know your client was undergoing an internal approval process? And if they aren’t, then shouldn’t they be? Entering, processing and validating these invoices manually is a long and painful process which requires a large amount of time and resource. And doing this after the fact adds no value to your client’s business. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With purchase invoice automation and approvals, you can provide your client real-time information on supplier spend, cash requirements and more, essential to growing businesses; whilst achieving an audit-compliant accounts payable process. By minimizing the amount of work required by up to 90% and revolutionizing processes, the possibilities are endless for the types of clients and the kinds of services you can provide.

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