Compleat Coffee Session 3: Challenges and opportunities for accounting practices on the other side of the lockdown


We are delighted to present our very special guest, Mark Hooper (National Account manager at Xero) joining for the 3rd episode of the Compleat Coffee sessions with James Vear (General Manager APAC, Compleat Software). Tune in for a friendly chat between these two industry experts discussing what effects the lockdown has had on accounting practices and their customers, and possible opportunities for growth once we get out of it.

Thought Leadership
On-demand webinar

About the on-demand webinar

Standard best practices are not good enough in this unprecedented slowdown in business across the board. Mark and James explore what they have seen accounting practices in Australia do to tackle the current situation so far and possible exit scenarios for them and their customers. Mark and James share practical advice on how to potentially make the transition easier and more efficient.

What will this webinar show me?

James Vear interviews Mark Hooper and picks his brain on ideas that could help accounting practices get out of the 2020 crisis successfully and even take advantage of opportunities along the way.

Topics you can expect to hear:

  • Accounting practices in 2020: how have they been affected
  • Actions to be taken in preparation of the end of the lockdown
  • Ways accounting practices can help their own customer prepare better
  • Processes to consider changing to survive the crisis and help your customers
  • Ways to actually get ahead of your competition

About the speakers

This time we are particularly proud to have industry expert Mark Hooper (National Account manager at Xero) join Compleat’s James Vear for a deep dive into accounting practices and their opportunities during and after the lockdown. Mark is a chartered accountant and has experience both working for accounting practises as well as in accounting tech for one of the global industry leading software companies.

Access the on-demand webinar:


Mark Hooper

Mark inspires Xero’s largest accounting partners to improve their processes with cloud technologies and has been in the account tech space since 2015. He is a chartered accountant and has 13 years’ experience in the accounting industry.


James Vear

General Manager APAC

James is an expert in accounting automation and has been leading Compleat Software’s expansion in APAC. He loves sports and catching up with the news on Twitter. You can chat with him there @jamesvear