From Purchased to Paid-
P2P Automation


Learn how to optimize your Purchase to Pay solutions & Online Buying
Processes with Venn Technology & Compleat Software's P2P Experts

Venn Technology & Compleat Software explain how you can manage your teams spend while working remotely

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Is your company's purchase to pay process burning a hole in its pocket? Watch how Venn Technology and Compleat's P2P automation experts show how automating your online buying process can reduce the time your team spends on managing manual processes cutting purchase requests in half.

Topics you can expect to hear:

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How a fully automated purchase to pay process from start to finish can benefit your company
How to optimize your online buying to save time AND money
Revolutionizing remote work for accounting & procurement departments with P2P solutions
Visibility across the business with real time spend analytics at the touch of your fingertips
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