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Choose the right purchase invoice automation software

Choosing the right software to automate purchase invoice management can be tricky. This 30 minutes webinar gives 10 tips to make the right choice.

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Considering or planning a project to automate your purchasing processes can be a little daunting. Especially, if you and your organisation are doing this for the first time. Purchasing software designed to serve the many departments involved with financial and purchasing operations across the organisation, offers many opportunities to drive positive change and support growth, provided it's correctly executed.

Join Annabel Sim for a 30-minute webinar titled 'Choose the right purchase invoice automation software' to give you insights into the buying purchase invoice automation software.

Are you set on automating your accounts payable but want to learn more about how it can save you time, money and improve procurement processes? Find out more!

In this webinar, Annabel will share 10 useful guidelines to buying purchase invoice automation software. She'll help you to:

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Review your initial thoughts on the project scope
Help to deliver an automated solution, that not only meets the core objectives of finance but will also be welcomed by everyone involved in the business
Consider options that you may be unaware of

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