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A few things that technology finance professionals should not ignore

Money Mover and Compleat team up to show how SMBs can reduce costs, eliminate invoice processing cost and increase financial visibility.

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Running a small business is tough. Finding new customers, sticking to budgets, delivering quality products or services, maintaining a happy, healthy workforce and keeping clients satisfied.  It is a stressful, and often thankless, task at the best of times.

Staying in control and on top of money management continues to prove a real headache for most small company owners. In fact, a recent survey by ABN AMRO Commercial claimed that almost half (48%) of accountants say their clients find their finances “complicated and confusing,” while 40% say small businesses just bury their heads in the sand when it comes to sorting out their finances.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this exclusive breakfast networking event, Money Mover and Compleat Software team up to show how SMBs can:


Reduce costs and saving money by:

Eliminating invoice processing costs.

Using smart technology to process international transfers.


Save time by:

Automating accounts payable while managing growth and handling more volume.
Getting quotes and making payments quickly for international transfers.


Increase visibility to your business for better decision-making by:

Using Compleat Software to gain real-time visibility into spend.

Using Money Mover for your international transfers as there are no hidden fees and exchange rates are displayed clearly.

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