Neil's business case for: business holder management

Budget Holder Management is the next generation of financial management designed to align budget holders and finance professionals.

Neil is the CFO at a company experiencing a rapid growth. Despite the joys of the business doing well, he's stuck with a clunky workflow, and staying on top of the financial situation of the company requires a constant, unnecessary effort. In fact, every month Neil has to make sure that the many home-grown spreadsheets are up to date, but more often than not, budget holders make decisions on a purchase based on information that is already two weeks old.

Keeping departments aligned would be so much easier if the business was relying on a single, centralised repository of financial information.


Control spend as it happens

Administrative inefficiency means that budget holders constantly struggle to keep track of resources and corporate spend. Paper invoices become disorganised and difficult to retrieve once they’re needed. Suppliers aren’t paid in a timely fashion, which harms – and sometimes prematurely ends – business relationships.

Compleat delivers total real-time oversight of every planned and committed purchase in play to everyone that needs to know.

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