iCompleatInvoice for approvers

Finally, a way to get approval in just one click!

Discover how easy it is to review and approve your supplier’s invoices, even on mobile!

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The simple and effective way to approve and manage your supplier invoices.

Approving and ensuring timely payment of your suppliers’ invoices is a fundamental but slow task for most managers. Finance teams often keep them in the dark over the status of an invoice and, if paper approvals are involved, the likelihood of an invoice being lost or forgotten about can add unnecessary stress and cost to an already costly process.

But there’s no need to deal with this anymore. iCompleatInvoice enables you to quickly check, approve and view all details of an invoice, as well as keeping track of its status and, upon final approval, posts it automatically to your accounting software for timely payment.

Approve invoices the easy, fast, secure and affordable way!

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