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Exactly what you need to win ERP/accounting software deals

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Conserve cash. Reduce costs. Increase productivity. Right now, these are the three main concerns for CFOs – your customers – around the globe.

But what are you offering that enables them to meet these three key objectives and allows you to increase your annual recurring revenue through successful sales?

This is where we can help. Our solution enables your customers to control their spend, save money (our integrated online buying will save them up to 30% on what they already buy) and increase productivity through purchase automation.

Also, through our digital invoice capture technologies, your customers will be able to automatically access granular spend data to understand purchasing and where money can be saved. This simply isn’t possible with any other platform!

Our iCompleat platform is exactly what you need to win ERP/accounting software deals. You define the onboarding cost – helping you to retain better profit margins – and it can be taken live in 1-3 days.

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Please get in touch with us and ask us! We are here to support you and your team on your journey, and answering a few questions keeps us on our toes!

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