Doris's Business Case for Invoice Automation

Save time by automating invoices.

You could do so much more than pushing paper invoices around the office and chasing approvers!
Discover invoice automation.

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Doris has been filing invoices since she joined the company, back in 1995. Back then the business was much smaller, and as methodic as she is, Doris could keep her filing cabinets nice and tidy. She just had to make sure all invoices were properly stored after they had been approved. Now the business has grown, and Doris' sharp organizational skills are simply not enough anymore!

Find out the daily struggles of a finance professional and the many insurmountable obstacles that come with traditional paper invoice management.


The business case

Chasing paper, pushing invoices across the business, and waiting for approvers to sign off on business expenditure... such a waste of time! Finance professionals could do so much more with just a little help from smart spend software. Follow Doris' business case for invoice automation and discover how smart spend software can help finance professionals get more done and reinvest their time in taking smarter and better informed financial decisions.

Invoice management software

CompleatInvoice is an invoice capture, tracking and electronic approval processing application that helps accounts payable and finance teams simplify and control invoice management whilst accelerating the approvals process with budget holders, extending the capabilities of your existing accounting / ERP software through tight integration.

Compleat. Smart spend software.

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