A better way to process supplier invoices: an accounts payable demo

Watch this 1 minute video showing the Accounts Payable side of Compleat.

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How to save time on the Accounts Payable process

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Accounts Payable is the least profitable part of a company - it's spending money to spend money.

It would make sense to want to streamline that process as soon as possible to save any unnecessary money going to waste.

Many tools exist to automate accounts payable, with all sorts of fancy sounding tech under the hood. The reality is, no matter the tech, the most effective solution is one that people in your organization will use.

This clip shows the simplicity of Compleat's Accounts Payable Automation tools, including the mobile app for invoice approvals on the move. 

We've even shown the ability to track the journal number, which Compleat pulls from your Accounting Software to confirm that an invoice has gone right the way through to payment.

You've seen the pay, what about the purchase?

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You've seen how effortless Accounts Payable is with Compleat, now check out our integrated online buying video to get you really fired up about saving money!

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