Understanding millennial executives to determine your practice's future

ACCOUNTEX: Building a bridge to your future.

Watch the live recording of our Panel session hosted by Compleat Chairman, Neil Robertson, at Accountex 2019

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Whatever your opinion of millennials, one point cannot be argued, they reside in a real-time world where almost every aspect of their lives is digital. Everything that does not conform with that requirement is automatically ignored.

Neil Robertson hosts a panel discussion with the next generation industry leaders to explore how accountants in practice need to evolve their services to meet the needs of these millennials. The panelists will debate on the extent to which practices need to adapt to stay relevant to avoid fading out of sight, out of mind and over time and out of business.

Panel Host

Neil Robertson - Executive Chairman, Compleat Software


Alexandra Bond Burnett - Executive Speaking Coach, Bond Ambition and Founder of Blue Arrow Accounting
Hayden Winters - Cloud Specialist, MHA Carpenter Box
Matt Portt - Owner of Portt & Co

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