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Watch the live recording of our Keynote session with Compleat Chairman, Neil Robertson and GoProposal founder, James Ashford at Accountex 2019

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For accountants, your value is directly proportional to the size of the problems you can solve and when it comes to your clients, technology is becoming the go-to to help them.

But with this can come disruption, uncertainty and confusion. So how are firms choosing the right technology, solving bigger problems and getting paid much more than the average accountant?

In this insightful talk, speakers James Ashford and Neil Robertson will show you how firms are using technology to give far greater value to their clients. They will demonstrate how positive disruption is helping firms operate in a far more rewarding capacity, delivering significantly more value to your clients and more importantly, to you.



Neil Robertson - Executive Chairman, Compleat Software
James Ashford - CEO and Founder, GoProposal

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