How does Compleat communicate with Sage 50?

As a fully integrated partner of Sage, Compleat Software has built a specific connector for Sage 50.

This means our P2P solution can be used seamlessly with Sage 50 with minimal setup.

How does our Sage 50 integration work?

Sage 50 & Compleat integration infographic

If you're planning on using Compleat's P2P solution, you'll want to check out the Sage 50 Integration Infographic!

It clearly shows you how the integration works & what you can expect to post & retrieve between Compleat Software & Sage 50. 

Sage 50 Integration mock up2

Download our Sage 50 & Compleat integration infographic & find out more about the following:

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How simple the connection between Sage 50 & Compleat Software is for you

Get all the facts on your chosen procure-to-pay solution before you commit. If you're not confident it will work with your accounting software, is it worth the project?

What we post from Compleat to your Sage 50 accounting software

Study up the talking points before your CTO asks you the specifics! This infographic will help you get one step closer to joining Steve in IT's DnD campaign...

What we retrieve from Sage 50 to automate your P2P process

Including all of your favorites, including: Tax Codes, Projects, Delivery Sites, Invoice Payment Status, and much, MUCH more!

Your invoices, where you can find them.

Compleat integration into Sage 50

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Compleat utilizes the 'extra reference' field in Sage 50, populating it with the transactions INV number. You can run reports on this field in Sage 50, which allows you to view the invoice PDF from within your Sage 50 application!

This means you don't have to keep going in and out of different applications to see an 'old school' invoice view of your purchases.

Why, oh why?

Why do I need to integrate Sage 50 with Compleat Software?

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Simply put, we need to communicate with your accounting software, in this case (hopefully, as you're on this page) Sage 50. This allows us to automate your P2P process as if we didn't, you'd still have to type everything into Sage!

See it for yourself

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