Invoice approval automation and the undeniable truth

The potential time savings and benefits of complete visibility and control are undeniable

An Undeniable Truth occurs when your own experience confirms it. This is no longer about a clever marketing pitch, it is about recognising that a significant change has occurred and how the Undeniable Truth changes your approach to the business issue you are trying to resolve. In this case, the Undeniable Truth is that you are already receiving an ever growing number of your purchase invoices as a PDF via email. For most organisations, you will already have over half of your invoices arriving this way and the volume is continuing to grow rapidly.

It is now totally acceptable to send out your sales invoices via email as a PDF. Almost all accounting / ERP solutions have this as core functionality and because almost all Statements are already sent this way, it is just a matter of turning it on. The invoice is delivered immediately without the minimum of £1 costs each and a 3-day delay before it arrives, plus it is “green”.

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