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Addressing the financial challenges of today’s COVID-19 world

Conserve cash, reduce costs, increase productivity. For CFOs around the globe, these are now their main objectives.


Every CFO is fighting on the COVID-19 frontline, taking measures to help their business survive and prosper while dealing with remote working, market uncertainty and other critical business issues. For many, acquiring new accounting / ERP software is no longer top of their priorities.


But with the right tools, CFOs can achieve these objectives and more – creating the opportunity for you (as an ERP software reseller) to demonstrate how you can help them to do so by leveraging new, cost-effective technologies and applications.


In our free eBook, we highlight how resellers can increase their ERP software sales by leveraging online buying, purchasing and accounts payable automation to address their customers’ primary challenges, whilst demonstrating clear competitive differentiation to protect their margins and a compelling cash ROI whilst creating long-term recurring revenue streams that helps grow their own business.


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Your customers’ top priorities as CFOs and how they are addressing current challenges
Defining the perfect proposition for your customers, one which takes into account the current ways of working and the future post COVID-19
How to drive revenue in a recessionary market by leveraging new technologies and applications to differentiate your offering
How to start and increase successful engagements with prospects and existing customers and grow your business

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