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Curious? Watch as procurement experts discuss the recent survey conducted to explore the future of procurement.

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These results paint a fascinating global picture of how we’re all coping 18 months down the track. Digital Procurement has never been more valued, yet there’s slightly less enthusiasm about procurement as a long-term career. People have steady job security but feel more disconnected. They’re more interested than ever in new technology, yet some are worried about being displaced by efficient procurement automation software.

There’s no doubt about it; our roles, our careers, our very profession are all changing. While that brings plenty of unknowns, there is clear evidence that the procurement industry is poised to take center stage.


In this webinar, you will learn the latest stats, research & findings of the following:


The latest digital procurement technologies
How working from home has changed the industry
The growing demand for digital procurement
Why digital procurement is a great career choice

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