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Five Signs it’s Time to Automate your School’s Accounts Payable

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Every school wants to achieve best value on purchases, maximize their budgets and make the lives of their accounts payable department easier. But are you taking the steps to make that happen, or are you working incredibly hard just to maintain the status quo?

Either way, if you’re using manual processes to manage invoices, purchasing and approvals, you’re not only costing your school time and money, you’re missing out on opportunities to transform your accounts payable function and enable your staff. If you want real-time invoice capture, workflow-based approvals, a consistent and formalized purchase order process – it’s time to automate your school’s purchasing.

Modernize your school’s purchasing and save both time and money through automation

What will you learn from this guide?

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How a manual invoicing process can introduce inefficiencies at every stage of the accounts payable process
How a manual purchasing process for your school results in paying far too much for goods and services that are cheaper elsewhere
Why an informal and inconsistent purchase order process can increase the cost of purchasing and the amount of admin
Increase productivity by up to 90% for everyone involved, inside and outside the finance department and allow them to focus this time on adding value to your business

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