The future of sustainable procurement


A recording from eWorld Procurement Supply 2022.


What's next for sustainable procurement?

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Sustainable procurement is pretty much what you'd expect it to be. Putting it into practice is not so simple, unfortunately!

Below is a video from the recent eWorld Procurement Supply show 2022, with our Max explaining the future of sustainable procurement.

Here's the agenda:

• Sustainability abbreviations (& what they mean!)
• The role of procurement in ESG
• Carbon & Net Zero in businesses
• Carbon emissions intensity metrics & ratios

• Sustainable procurement policies
• Driving sustainability with technology
Compleat Carbon Tracking software
• Q&A with Max


Max Kent - VP of Global Procurement & ESG at Compleat Software.

Watch the video below & don't forget to share it with your colleagues, friends, & family!

Once you've done all that, check out Max's other presentation from the day, "How can procurement software ensure a greener future?".

Watch the presentation!

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