Compleat integration for Sage Inacct users

You've invested in Sage Intacct, now you're investing in a best-in-class P2P solution. Good news! We've got you covered with a purpose built integration from our solutions, into Sage Intacct.

How does our Sage Intacct connector work?

Sage Intacct Integration infographic

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Download the Sage Intacct integration infographic to learn how Compleat can provide your business with a seamless best-in-class ERP integration made simple at Compleat.

We clearly label what information is posted, & retrieved from your Sage Intacct accounting software in order for Compleat to automate your P2P process.

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Download our Sage Intacct & Compleat integration infographic to find out more about the following:

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How simple integration with Compleat Software & Sage Intacct is for you

Have the confidence in knowing that procure-to-pay solutions is our area of expertise. Sage Intacct is not a new ERP software for us to communicate with, in fact, we do it very well.

What we post from Compleat to Sage Intacct

Find out the specific data points we send & receive from Compleat to Sage Intacct. Including invoice data, capture & line header items (obviously!).

What we retrieve from your Sage Intacct accounting software

Get a more comprehensive view of your business's performance with integrated solution fan favorites "Delivery Sites", "Projects", & "Invoice Payment Status"!

You keep using this word, but what does it mean?

What is a software integration?


Software integration is simply a tool to allow financial information to communicate with another integration platform. In this context, the API is sending & receiving data relating to purchase orders, requests, inventory management & invoice payment status.

Tell me why... 🎵

Why do I need the Sage Intacct connector?

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Any finance system needs a specific connector in order to seamlessly integrate with Compleat, or any P2P solution for that matter. Knowing what information is passed back and forth is important because one P2P solution may communicate more (or less) with your Sage Intacct version, & you'll want to evaluate if it's sending data for data's sake, or if it's not sending the most important data in the process...

See it for yourself

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