The Compleat Journey:
Automation is the key to a better future

Simplify the way you buy, pay & save.

Discover the four key steps in the accounts payable automation process, & ensure your AP automation journey and implementation is successful

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Do you know what needs to be considered before acquiring and implementing an AP automation solution? We do. In this guide, we’ll highlight and explain the importance of four key steps in the accounts payable automation and purchasing process, as well as how they benefit your business.

Including these steps in your evaluation process is vital – not only because they will help you to assess what’s on offer from prospective providers of AP/purchasing automation, but they will also lay the foundation for your business’ purchasing automation for the short, medium and long term.  

The Compleat Journey

What will I learn from this guide?

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The importance of AP automation as the first step in the purchasing automation journey
What purchasing automation (purchase to pay) can do to help you manage and conserve cash
How online buying (punch-out) contributes to a faster purchasing process and allows you to achieve “best value”
The short, medium and long-term savings that can be achieved through digital procurement delivered as a service

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