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Check out our Carbon Tracking & Reporting tools in this super short video!

How do you report your carbon emissions?

Business changing carbon tracking & reporting tools

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You asked, we provided!

Carbon Tracking & Reporting

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Since we started providing advanced spend analysis to our customers, we've been asked if we can utilize that information for even more, business changing, reports. Carbon emissions, perhaps...

Well we've done just that, & quite well if we do say so ourselves!

In this video we showcase:

• The Carbon Emissions Tracking & Reporting dashboard

• Filtering results by any factor, in this case, emissions scope

• Finding CO2 emissions by procurement/spend category

• The simplest way to dive into the data

• Carbon emissions from PO's over time

• Sharing carbon reports via email

Download the fact sheet

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Hit the button to download our Carbon Tracking & Reporting fact sheet. No forms, no nasty data farming, just a button & a file...

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