Save money on what you already buy and achieve greater control over spending

With our CompleatProcure service, we enable organizations of every size to reduce the costs on what they buy and spend smarter.

It leverages our advanced technologies, applications and business spend and cost analysis capabilities (of over $13bn of spend) to make it simple, fast and convenient to evaluate the level of savings businesses can achieve through more informed and better buying.

Benefit from better buying
Control costs and spend smarter
Achieve long-term sustainable savings

About the spend review

Our free business spend and cost analysis service will quantify the probable savings and associated costs for your business, with minimal effort and zero cost, prior to any financial or legal commitment.

Our objectives are the same as yours: to quickly establish your potential savings through a cost audit and do so in an affordable and time-effective manner, enabling you to decide how you wish to proceed.

What will I get from this?

By registering for our business spend and cost analysis, we will identify – through our cost audit – where you can reduce your business costs and spend smarter.

All we ask for is the important, high-level information about your business as this will enables us to determine which of our Procure services will be most appropriate. We will then arrange a telephone call with you to discuss those services and the next steps to deliver a summary of savings potential, the recommended services and the associated costs. You can then make an informed decision on what happens next.

This is “Savings as a Service” enabled by advanced Digital Procurement and priced to ensure a highly compelling ROI for every business in the short, medium and long term.

Who is this spend review for?

This business spend and cost analysis service is relevant to every business, irrespective of size. CompleatProcure will show you how to reduce your business costs and save you money on what you already buy. The amount saved will increase in line with the value of the spend taking place.

Those who can benefit from our cost audit include:

  • Senior finance managers that want to know how to reduce business costs but lack the time and information
  • Procurement professionals that already understand the true value of “on-demand” granular spend analytics, category management and automated tendering
  • CEOs that recognise the increased importance of controlling spend, reducing costs and improving productivity and are looking for the most cost-effective way of achieving these key objectives


Get the most out of your money with our business spend and cost analysis

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