Budget Holder Management: Why are finance teams and budget holders still disconnected?

Budget Holder Management is taking over businesses. So why are finance teams and budget holders still disconnected?

There has always been a disconnect between finance teams and budget holders. No matter the size of the business, budget holders suffer from a lack of real-time information and finance suffers from the budget holders’ lack of priority for all things financial.

As a result, managing purchases, invoices approvals, timely supplier payments, cashflow forecasting and the delivery of accurate management reports suffer, as do stakeholder relationships. 

In this white paper, we will address some of the daily grievances experienced by many companies when it comes to processing orders, invoices and approvals. For too long financial teams and budget holders have accepted that this is as good as it’s going to get and the processes will never be painless. But there is no need to suffer in silence or simply accept this fate.

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