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Bridging the gap between accounts payable and budget holders

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Delve into the Compleat platform and the automation of invoice processing with this guide

The problem with your Finance / Accounts Payable (AP) processes is everything is still paper based. This results in all the supplier and invoice information being permanently locked up inside the accounting software and filing cabinets.

This guide describes what happens for Budget Holders when Finance implement Compleat Invoice Automation and eInvoicing. The process is incredibly simple, is usually fully implemented and live in less than a week and costs a fraction of the current time Accounts Payable waste just processing paper invoices.

Download our guide and find out more about the following:

What does the finance department do for budget holders?

Making the invoice approval process 100% electronic

How dashboards and reports provide everything you need at your fingertips, on demand from any connect device. 

Why Compleat Invoice Automation with e-Invoicing is simply a far better and more cost effective way of working

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