Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

P2P transforms the purchasing and financial management experience for everyone, both inside and outside of the finance department.

Take control over spend – before the order is placed

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) combines order creation, receipting, and invoice automation to revolutionize the entire purchasing process for finance, budget holders, and procurement.

Delivering a single, holistic, real-time view of every supplier, current and historic transactions, and the exact status of budget availability to improve financial management and spend control.

What does Purchasing automation do?

Compleat provides the applications, tools and purchasing intelligence that enables buyers and budget managers to maximise the effectiveness of their spend, simplify the AP process further and save everyone a significant amount of time.

Everything from Digital Invoice Capture & AP Automation, Integrated Online Buying, PLUS:

Integrated online buying from suppliers’ website to auto-create create requests to buy (requisitions)

Fast & easy creation of purchasing request with user defined “layouts” to simplify the user experience

Simple duplication of historic orders & edits to create new purchasing requests

Option to automatically import orders & receipts from ERP to enable invoice capture & 2 / 3 way matching

Option to fully automate GL coding for review on invoice approval

Advanced Budget Management functionality

Fully automated commitment & accrual accounting

Dynamic intelligent approval workflows with unlimited steps

Powerful parallel & group approval workflows

Fully automated approval workflow selection

Dedicated mobile app for 24×7 access

Email/Push approval notification reminders

Real-time access to order status for everyone that needs to know

Add comments & attachment any document to order, for internal use & suppliers

Receipting & PO matching of goods & services including multi-deliveries

Digital invoice capture & auto-matching to PO / GRN

Designed for Buyers & Budget Managers to drive full adoption

Purchase-to-Pay is designed to deliver real value to the people that raise the orders and the budget managers they report to, because that is what drives user adoption.

It is fast, easy, and convenient to raise a requisition, including our unique Integrated Online Buying from your supplier’s website. The approvers / budget managers have immediate access to all historic spend data to ensure best value is being achieved, as well as their budget availability to make the most informed approval decision.

100% PO user adoption delivers Finance full commitment and accrual accounting, oversight of every request to buy before the order is placed, real time budget management, automated 2 & 3 way invoice matching, further simplifying the AP processes and saving everyone a great deal of time.

Everyone wins

Why do you need Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)?

“Financial management of spend takes place before the order is placed,
everything thereafter is the cost of diligently accounting for it.”

Control spend before it happens

Our dynamic intelligent approval workflow ensures every purchase request is reviewed prior to the order being placed.

Is there enough budget? Is the price right? What did we pay last time? – make the most informed decision.

Every time.

Simplify the entire purchasing process

Remove all paper from the entire purchasing process.

Compleat delivers the real-time status of every transaction (including payment status) & budget availability to everyone who needs to know, putting the whole business on the same digital page.

A single view of the truth.

Improved financial visibility and control

Finance gains total oversight and control over the entire process.

Full commitment and accrual accounting improves financial management, speeds up month end closes, and improves cashflow projections.

 Saving everyone time!

Become an ERP software author / reseller partner

Join our growing number of global software author Partners that have embedded Compleat (usually fully white labelled) directly into their application stack to meet the growing demand from both their existing customers and new prospects for digital invoice capture, AP, and P2P automation,

Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription and services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility and direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support and professional services.

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