Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) for all Businesses

At its core, Purchase to Pay Automation (P2P) is a process that creates a seamless & efficient workflow that is both transparent & accountable.

We simplify the P2P process flow by automating the entire purchasing cycle, creating an efficient & streamlined process that eliminates errors & saves you time.

Simply put: P2P automation represents the easiest buying experience, preferred supplier conformity, automated invoice approval, & budget holder management tools.

It's no wonder that Purchase to Pay automation has become one of the most well-known business solutions out there—and for good reason!

From purchase to payment, we have you covered.

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) combines order creation & invoice automation to revolutionize the entire purchasing process for finance, budget holders & procurement.

Delivering a single, holistic, real-time view of every supplier, current & historic transaction, & the exact status of budget availability to improve financial management & spend control.

What does Purchase-to-Pay do?

Everything from Digital Invoice Capture & AP Automation, PLUS
Budget Management
Purchase Order Receipting
2-way & 3-way Matching
PO & Invoice Approval Requests
Multi-line Orders
Copy Duplicate Purchase Requisitions
Coding Autocompletion
Custom purchase order templates

See it live

We want Compleat to be 100% self-service. You can go from zero to hero in as little as 30 minutes on your own. Having said that, we would be delighted to give you a live tour before you commit. You may even learn something.

Why do you need Purchase-to-Pay?

Control spending as it happens

Compleat's P2P automation solution delivers total real-time oversight of planned & committed purchases to everyone who needs to know. Purchase 2 Pay fully automates the capture of the invoice by undertaking a 2-way matching & 3-way matching without user intervention.

Simplify the entire purchasing process - with zero paper

Remove all paper from the entire purchasing process at the outset. This solution delivers the real-time status of every transaction (including payment status) & budget availability to everyone who needs to know, to put the entire business on the same page (but not a literal page, of course…).

Replace outdated month-end management reports with real-time information

Enable your budget holders to significantly expand their financial management skills, improve their financial planning to ensure they maximize the value of all their corporate spend.

Gain total visibility of future cash requirements

The real-time view of commitments & accruals also enables faster month-end closes, speeding up the delivery of monthly management reports.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is 2-way matching? 2-way matching is simply the process of matching an invoice to a purchase order. Compleat does this automatically using criteria such as vendor, purchase order number, & the invoice total. When Compleat matches an invoice to a purchase order, it also tells you whether there are any discrepancies between the purchase order & invoice that you need to resolve.
Is it easy to convert to Compleat P2P? Yes! When you’re ready to get started, our onboarding specialists will guide you through the simple process of setting up your Finance team in Compleat, creating workflows, routing invoices, backing up your existing orders, & connecting to your finance system.
Will P2P change how my Finance team works? The Compleat P2P solution is designed to automate & streamline the outdated, manual AP processes that hold you back – like data input, chasing paper invoices, crunching numbers in Excel spreadsheets, & correcting human errors. Put simply, your team will have more time to do the things that matter, while enjoying full visibility & control of every single invoice, order, & credit note across your organization.

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Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility & direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support & professional services.

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