P2P or Purchase-to-Pay

Purchase-to-Pay is the easiest buying experience, preferred supplier conformity, automated invoice approval, & budget holder management tools.

Make it easier & more efficient to buy anything, & everyone will want to use your P2P solution.

It's The Entire Journey πŸ›«

Purchase-to-Pay or P2P

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When supplies arrive at the office, usually they've been ordered somehow, by someone. Before P2P solutions -  ordering processes were informal, unintuitive, & generally thought of as a bad time.

Purchasing goods is never going to be fun, but it can be quick, simple, & painless. Sounds great, right?

Then it comes down to the money, or as most departments call it "the boring part". Usually shrugged off to the finance team to sort out - & don't ever bring up budget management with a department head (especially a creative department πŸ₯±).

Our Purchase-to-Pay or P2P plan includes budget holder management tools to help engage even the most economically phobic budget holders. Keep everyone on the same page, monitor spend, & save money.

Purchase to Pay

What Do You Get For Your Money?

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While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we know it is important for you to understand exactly what it is you are looking at. 
Does this do what you need it to? Does it have the functionality you want? Will it grow with your business?

Compleat's P2P plan includes everything from Invoice Automation & Online Buying PLUS...

Budget Holder Management Tools

Make budget management more accessible to budget holders throughout the business.

Live Budget Availability Check

Keep budget holders in the loop with a live budget availability check.

Goods Receipting Services

Never miss an incorrect delivery again. Great for keeping the inventory in check!

Multi-Platform Integration

Need multiple integrators? Perhaps you have more than 1 finance system from a merger.

GL / Project Budget Management

Manage project budgets with ease.

Unlimited PO Templates

Never run out of PO templates, keep 'em coming!

For the Savvy Savers

Savings Insights To Make Life Easier

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If you're keen to save as much cash as possible, purchase-to-pay savings insights can give you the visibility you need to make those savings. You can also track savings to prove your ROI to stakeholders.

Even More Workflow Functionality

Automated Workflow Allocation

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On top of all the invoice approval workflows from the Invoice Processing plan & Online Buying, Purchase-to-Pay brings the ability for smart decisions to be made when an invoice is received. 

Why & How Businesses Bring Together Finance Teams With Budget Holders

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You may think the relationship between budget holders & finance teams is irreparable. Think again. This e-book not only explains the benefits of closing the gap between finance & budget holders, but how it's possible.

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Seeing is believing. Compleat Procure to Pay is so simple to use & intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out & see for yourself.