Integrated online buying

Life is so much easier for everyone when you buy directly from your vendor's website.

It automates the entire process for the people that buy stuff, the people that approve that spend & the people that account for it.

Take control of spend before the order is placed with Integrated Online Buying.

Simply put – this is a FAR better way of working for everyone.

The objectives of every purchasing process are to capture a request to buy, ensure that it goes through the appropriate approval process prior to the order being placed &  then capture the invoice, match it to the order, confirm delivery, & post it into your accounting / ERP software.

With Integrated Online Buying, Compleat digitises & automates that entire process – with the added benefit that the order & invoice will ALWAYS match!

Now everyone (that needs to know) can see the exact status of every purchase from cradle to grave, accessible from any device.

Best of all – everyone involved in the purchasing process LOVES IT!

What does Integrated Online Buying do?

Simply put, it digitises the entire purchasing process between the vendor & the buyer, removing all of the errors that always happen when the process is disconnected

Delivering the best & most productive buying experience for everyone


For the buyer

• The best buying experience

• What they need, where they need it, when they need it

• Anytime, anywhere, any device

• Confidence that they are following business rules

For the approver

• Simply approve / deny

• Add comments

• Anytime, anywhere, any device

• Full visibility & control pre-order

• Multi-step & parallel approval

For finance

• Total visibility & control pre-order

• The correct approval workflow process for every purchase

• Full commitment & accrual accounting

• Automated invoice capture, match, & GL coding

• 100% digital audit trail

For the business

• Huge time savings for everyone involved

• The ability to control the vendors being used

• Reducing costs through smarter / consolidated purchasing

• Improving Sustainability

Automate integrated online buying from your favorite vendors

Yes – you read that right – integrated online buying from EVERY vendor website!

Let us show you how simple it is to buy from any vendor website & gain total visibility & control over purchasing whilst delighting everyone involved.

Why do you need Integrated Online Buying?

Simple processes are followed processes.

Purchase order processing, approvals, & PO distribution

Paper purchase order forms are a thing of the past & so are ad-hoc emails.

Online Buying makes life simple, both for you & your staff. Easy to approve (or deny) spend. Easy to request spend. It’s a win-win.

Taking PO requisitions & invoice processing utterly digital, in the cloud, means flexible working is actually flexible. ‘Approve on the move’ just became a reality, as well as ‘request at your behest’ — okay we made this one up, but you get the idea, do what you need, where you want, when you want.

Supplier invoice capture, matching & approval

Now you have PO numbers allocated to orders, invoice matching just became Compleatly touchless, with exceptions automatically highlighted. Set your mind at ease knowing that you’re only going to see invoices with queries attached whilst the rest goes straight through!

You may be perfect, but what about your team? Humans make mistakes, often costly mistakes. Computers, less so. Reduce errors, save time, save money, yada yada, you get the picture!

Collect smart spend data to achieve significant savings

Every digital transaction leaves a footprint.

Compleat collates these footprints from all your transactions allowing you to make more informed decisions from easy-to-understand reports.

Introducing Punch-In, the latest from Compleat together with Amazon Business.

Introducing a real purchasing innovation. Punch-In provided by Compleat Software & Amazon Business. Upgrade your purchasing process without buyers even noticing!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I keep track of orders from all my different vendors?

Regardless of where or why you buy, Compleat stores every single order you make with your favorite vendors in one convenient place. With online buying, you get full visibility of every order’s status, & the luxury of filtering orders by vendor, status, or specific keyword to help you easily search & manage your purchases.

Can I just use Compleat's Online Buying?

Yes, but you get more out of online buying when you use it alongside Invoice Capture & AP Automation. This gives you the benefit of invoice matching, automatic coding, smart workflow approvals, & more! We throw all of that in when you sign up for online buying, so you might as well use it!

What is Amazon Punch-In?

We all know that buying online just makes sense. It is faster, easier, gives greater choice, more flexibility, & best of all it saves you money! 

So why limit how many people in your business can buy online through Amazon Business?

Currently, "Punch-Out" is the standard for online buying. Users login to their P2P solution, bounce out to Amazon Business, & then back into P2P. Whilst this is still far better than many other processes, it comes with it's downfalls. 

Many users actually start shopping on Amazon directly instead of using Punch-Out.

Sounds frustrating. Luckily, Punch-In is here!

Benefit from all the key business benefits of punch-out (accountability, compliance, etc.) with the user benefit of not having to log into a P2P system before making a purchase.

No need to teach everyone in your business how to log into another platform. No need for P-Cards or Credit Cards so that you can control the spend.

With an Amazon Business account & a Compleat automation solution you can now control ALL of your employees spend.

Welcome to Punch-In - changing the way your teams buy & how you account.

Don't believe us? Watch the short video below and see just how easy Punch-In will be for your users.

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Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility & direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support & professional services.

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