Integrated Online Buying

Life is so much easier for everyone when you buy directly from your supplier’s website.

Easier for the people that buy stuff, the people that approve that spend, & the people that account for it, while taking the first simple step towards full Purchase-to-Pay automation.

Taking control of spend before the order is placed with Integrated Online Buying

CFO’s can now deliver real value to everyone involved in the purchasing process.

Compleat delivers finance with total oversight and control over the entire process:

Removing the common concern that online buying increases the level of spend
  • Because you have oversight of every request to buy
Reducing the costs of what you buy
  • Online purchases are almost always cheaper
  • Reflecting the level of online price competition
Guaranteeing a perfect purchase order & invoice match every time
  • Because the supplier is using identical information to the customer
  • Digitally captured by both at the moment the online purchase is made
Significantly increasing productivity - by up to 95%
  • For the buyers
  • For the approvers
  • For accounts payable
Removing the complexity & admin overhead of managing supplier catalogs
  • And the frequent problem of the pricing queries catalogs always delivers
Delivering full commitment & accrual accounting
  • Speeding up month end closes
  • Improving cashflow forecasting
Enabling supplier consolidation
  • Spending more with preferred suppliers to negotiate better pricing
  • Reducing AP workload by reducing the dozens of small and one-off suppliers
Winning the hearts & minds of the people outside of finance
  • Making their purchasing process faster & more convenient
  • Reducing their costs to make budgets stretch further
  • Delivering what they need, where they need it, when they need it
  • Removing supplier queries to make invoice approvals so fast & simple

Want to find out more and see Integrated Online Buying in action?

Which online suppliers can you buy from?

Compleat’s groundbreaking technologies have made
online buying from almost EVERY supplier’s website
simple & affordable for all of our customers, irrespective of their size.

Compleat & Amazon Business introduce Punch-In 

Introducing Punch In – the ultimate online buying experience.

Included FOC with every Compleat deployment.

Punch In was jointly developed by Compleat Software & Amazon Business to enable:

  • Buyers to order directly from the Amazon Business website in the usual way
    • The order is suspended awaiting approval
  • Compleat to automatically capture that order request
    • When approved, the order is automatically released for delivery
  • The invoice is automatically captured & matched
    • Including part and multiple deliveries
    • Invoice will ALWAYS match
    • Simplifying the approval process and removing queries

You can now introduce Integrated Online Buying – without the buyers even noticing!

Online buying from every Supplier’s website

Compleat is built an ever-increasing library of available integrations to supplier’s websites using our “Punch Out” & “Plug In” technologies and includes:

YPO / Browns Books / Lyreco / Staples / Office Depot / Commercial / Screwfix /
Office Team / Bidfood / Brakes / Misco / RS components

Plus many, many more.

Which suppliers do you want to buy online from?

What does Integrated Online Buying do?

Simply put, it digitizes the entire purchasing process between the supplier, the buyer, the approver, finance, and your accounting / ERP software

Removing all the errors that always happen when these processes are disconnected.

Delivering the best and most productive buying experience for everyone.

For the buyer

  • The best buying experiences
  • Usually at lower prices
  • What they need, where they need it, when they need it
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device
  • With total corporate oversight
  • Full visibility of every order status
  • Less disruption for finance & approvers

For the approver

  • Full visibility & control pre-order
  • Simply approve / deny
  • Invoices will always match the order
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Captured within Budget Management
  • Building stronger supplier relationships

For finance

  • Full visibility & control pre-order
  • Correct approval processes every time
  • Full commitment & accrual accounting
  • Automated invoice capture, match, GL coding & approval workflows
  • Including multiple deliveries per order

For the business

  • Huge time savings for everyone involved
  • Consolidation of suppliers for better pricing
  • Reducing costs through smarter purchasing
  • Full visibility to everyone that needs to know
  • 100% digital audit trail from cradle to grave
  • Everyone wins

Significant benefits across the business with no downside

Ask yourself the question why would you not do this?

Senior management will all be in favor of the change, a great step towards their full support for your purchasing automation project.

Get in touch and see for yourself how easy integrated online buying is – for everyone!

ERP Authors & Resellers

Adding Purchase-to-Pay with online buying strengthens your sales proposition, addresses the growing demand from customer and prospects turning a functionality gap into a competitive strength.

Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility and direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support, and professional services.

Download the Integrated Online Buying fact sheet?

Click on this link for our fact sheet (no registration required) and start spreading the word on what is now possible.

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