Digital Procurement

If you're here, you clearly understand the benefits of purchase to pay automation. Perhaps you're ready to take it one step further with Digital Procurement?


Digital procurement is all about extending these benefits to everyone in your business. From the people raising the orders to project managers & budget holders.


It is also about taking the next step - actually using your data to save your business money... Lots & lots of it!


Compleat Digital Procurement is truly the crème de la crème of finance automation. The whole package, the full Monty...

Take A Peek At The Good Life ☀

Digital Procurement

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The better the information you have in hand, the better the decisions you can make. So this is about having the digital spend data to make the best decision possible, & that means making use of that goldmine you are already sitting on.

It can be as simple as “What did I pay for this last time?” or as detailed as consolidating multiple suppliers offering similar products & services. 

Ultimately the goals are the same, whatever the scale: Reduce the costs of what you already buy. Achieve savings. Do it all online from preferred vendors.

Since the whole process is digital — from purchase to payment (get the whole ‘purchase to pay’ thing yet?) — endless analytical opportunities exist. For example, you can see what everyone is buying, from whom, for how much, how long they took to be delivered, invoiced, & paid for… you get the idea! Now, as you would when online shopping, hit “sort by price (low-high)” (or whatever you think is the most important metric), & voilà, you’ve found your new supplier for bendy rulers!

Now imagine you could pay someone else to do that all for you (yes, all of it!), but you don't have to pay upfront — you pay through a percentage of realized savings. Still Curious? This is Compleat's Procurement-as-a-Service. More on this below! 👇

Digital Procurement

What is Digital Procurement?

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This is the most prominent package, which of course, represents the biggest available savings. So naturally, you're wondering, "What on earth could possibly be better than 'Purchase to Pay'? I've only just had my mind blown reading about AP Automation..." 🤯

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we know it is essential for you to understand exactly what you are looking at. 
Does this do what you need it to? Does it have the functionality you want? Will it scale with your business?

Of course, Compleat Digital Procurement includes everything from Invoice Automation, Online Buying, & Purchase to Pay PLUS...

The Compleat Data Lake insights

Have access to data from thousands of companies & millions of transactions that have gone through Compleat.

Full Spend Data Analytics

Check out your entire spend in one easy-to-view place. Makes quarterly reporting a doddle.

Category Management

Easily segment your spending into categories for review, allocation, & reporting.

e-Tendering Support

e-Tendering to reach a wider audience, within one platform.

Supplier Selection Analysis

View ratings of supplier based on how well they perform to our other customers.


Let our procurement experts do the hard work, all we ask is a small cut of the savings!

See What You Spend, So You Can Spend Less.

Spend Analytics

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Spend analytics. One powerful tool that allows finance, procurement, senior management, & stakeholders access to detailed reports on a wide range of expenditure areas. Pretty cool, eh?

Having real-time access to this level of data drives cost, efficiency, & time-saving. It's time you joined the party.

Not Just 'As-a-Product'...


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The next logical step from enlisting the help of digital procurement software is to enlist the help of the people who made it to extend the benefits beyond the platform.

Our team of procurement experts, along with our spend management partners, will analyze sections of your spending & find you the best prices from the best suppliers so you can start saving! 

There is no upfront cost to this service, as we work on a share of savings basis, meaning we only get paid when you make savings (which you will!). 

A Sea Of Opportunity 🤿

The Compleat Data Lake

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The Compleat Data Lake is not our exclusive holiday destination only available to top tier customers, although that would be a great idea *writes email to CEO*...

All of our historical data from our clients is available to help our customers know when they are getting the best deals, & to equip them with the arsenal to go & acquire amazing discounts from trusted suppliers.

How To Easily Reduce Costs With Digital Procurement

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In the past, you had to spend big to gain discounts to create savings. Now you can get saving right away, thanks to digital procurement! No more hoarding goods just for volume discounts; you can see how many items are usually bought & sold for & secure the best deal.

Book A Demo With One Of Our Experts.

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use & intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out & see for yourself.