Digital Procurement

Digital procurement is all about extending the benefits of finance automation to everyone in your business. From the people raising the orders to project managers & budget holders.

Your own team of virtual procurement experts

You need to make savings as an organization, but don’t know where to start.

Suppliers & pricing agreements come up for review; you weigh up carrying on with the current supplier versus the effort required to find a new one: collating pricing data from multiple supplier invoices to compare to any other provider (which usually makes lower value projects with big saving potential a non-starter).

Depending on your current procurement resource you may think the former is the best route.

Digital Procurement does all the heavy lifting for you. Automated tender processes, quick & easy spend reports to help you make decisions, & the visibility of what your peers are paying for specific categories.

What does Digital Procurement do?

Spend category analysis
Free spend review
Instant access to historical spend
Real time budget analysis
Access to the Compleat Data Lake

All New: Carbon Tracking & Reporting

The only way your company is going to be able to report on carbon emissions is if you can track where they're coming from.

Our Carbon Tracking & Reporting tools give you the information you need to fulfil SECR & Net Zero reports...

Let's get digital...

It's time to bring your procurement software into the future. See the tools in action & talk to a procurement pro!

We really can help you save money when spending money.

Why do you need Digital Procurement?


The service approach to Digital Procurement means you can start saving significant amounts of money whilst barely lifting a finger yourself.

Zero risk, all the reward

You don’t even need to pay anything upfront, as Compleat only take an agreed percentage of confirmed savings after the project.

Compleat visibility

Access to the Compleat data lake gives you real-time price benchmarking, meaning you can see where you are being overcharged. Compleat also use our customer insights to leverage buying power, allowing industry beating discounts from preferred vendors.

Resell this product to your customers & prospects

Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility & direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support & professional services.

Want to download the Digital Procurement fact sheet?

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Digital Procurement fact sheet
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