Digital Invoice Capture Software

Our Digital Invoice Capture software goes beyond just OCR.

We leverage advanced AI & machine learning technologies to reduce the cost of digitizing your invoices.

Invoice data from here, there, everywhere!

Our digital invoice capture solution represents the very latest in e-invoicing technology. Providing you with the simplest way to capture invoice data.

You can receive your supplier invoices in virtually any format (although smart pdfs are best) & from any location. This means faster access to invoice data regardless of where your staff are working. 

We do use OCR technology for paper invoices, however, over 85% of the $12bn invoices we process are already being received by email from vendors as digitally rich PDFs. Extracting this data is faster, more accurate, & cheaper, replacing OCR as paper invoice volumes decline.

What does Digital Invoice Capture do?

Invoice capture in most formats
PDF, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, htm/html, xt, tif/tiff, plus most other file types accepted
Email inbox retrieval
Eliminates duplicate invoices
Optional line level data extraction
Keep in-line with HMRC record keeping regulations

See it live

We want Compleat to be 100% self-service. You can go from zero to hero in as little as 30 minutes on your own. Having said that, we would be delighted to give you a live tour of our invoice automation software before you commit. You may even learn something.

Why do you need Digital Invoice Capture?

Free time from menial tasks

If you have staff who spend hours & hours inputting invoice data, they can now use that time for something more valuable!

That could be scouting for supplier discounts, processing tricky invoices, or investigating AP Automation to make further savings.

Reduce inputting errors

Computers don’t make mistakes! If they do, it’s usually the fault of the person who set up the program.

Eliminate errors, whether they’re getting the items and costs mixed up, moving the decimal place, or submitting duplicate invoices. Our digital invoice software will input the data as it appears, & check to see if it has already processed the invoice.

Data-only invoices turned into PDFs

If you receive invoices in CSV, or other data-only formats, Compleat's invoice capture solutions  will show you a visual representation of that invoice as a PDF, helping you process all of your spend in the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just use Digital Invoice Capture Software? Yes. Compleat's automated invoice capture software can be incorporated to include AP Automation, P2P, Online Buying, & ASA as needed.
Does Digital Invoice Capture offer mobile support? Indirectly, yes. Compleat’s downstream invoice processing applications receive invoices & they have mobile apps to streamline the approval process, making it faster & easier for you to approve invoices even when you’re away from your desk. If you use Digital Invoice Capture without a Compleat application, you will have to use another application to approve invoices.

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Digital Invoice Capture fact sheet
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