Carbon Tracking & Reporting


Now you can create detailed reports to understand the effect of specific suppliers on your company's carbon emissions.


To cut your carbon you need to know the source!

For a modern business, saving money on spend is vitally important, but so is reducing carbon emissions.

Our carbon tracking tools let you see the environmental impact of each supplier you use, allowing you to select preferred suppliers not just on monetary savings, but on carbon cost.

On top of offsetting your carbon footprint, these tools allow you to prepare Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) & Net Zero reports so you can comply with legislation & drive down carbon emissions.


Check out a quick video introduction to the tools here:


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Want to see it in action?

We would love to show you in a private demo! We have anonymized customer data so you can see a real-life example of Carbon Tracking & Reporting.

What does Carbon Tracking & Reporting do?

Supplier carbon emissions tracking for scope 1-3
Up to date carbon intensity ratios for your suppliers
View carbon emissions over time, by site, expenditure category, etc.
Empower you to fulfil SECR & Net Zero reporting
Identify carbon intense business activities

Why do you need Carbon Tracking & Reporting?

Accurate SECR & Net Zero reporting

So far, there have been no ramifications for inaccurate carbon emissions reporting, but how long will that last?

In the meantime, you can relax knowing you’re reporting the truth & won’t find a “black hole” before it’s too late!

Compare suppliers by CO2 emissions

Our tools allow you to compare relative suppliers, clearly showing you your monetary spend vs their carbon emissions tied to that spend.

Arming you with more than just cost & quality comparisons to make the right purchasing decisions.

Commit to your carbon neutral targets

Saying you’ll become carbon neutral is one thing – actually finding out where your inherited carbon comes from & making a plan on how/where to reduce that carbon is a whole different ball game.

Can you even say you’re carbon neutral without knowing the impact your supply chain has on the environment?

Work for an environmentally conscious company

Work each day knowing that your business is conscious about the effects of climate change & are actively doing something to combat their contributions to it.

Make decisions to cut carbon

Improve carbon offsets, & generally make life easier. If you find out through the reporting tools that one supplier is delivering multiple times in a short time frame, perhaps you can arrange set delivery days so they're only coming once a week/month.

This can have a huge impact on your scope 3 emissions & can make life easier for whoever accepts the deliveries... win win! 

Supplier / buyer collaboration

Use these analytics to work together with your suppliers, whether that means fewer deliveries, or even changing the products that they source.

If you've got the data, their other buyers will too, meaning your suppliers will want to reduce their carbon legacy in order to stay competitive.

Resell this product to your customers & prospects

Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility & direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support & professional services.

Want to download the Carbon Tracking & Reporting fact sheet?

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