Advanced Spend Analytics

Advanced Spend Analytics. One powerful tool that allows finance, procurement, senior management, & stakeholders access to detailed reports on a wide range of expenditure areas.

Pretty cool, eh?

Advanced Spend Analytics. It's that simple!

The amount of data you can compare with our spend analysis software is infinite. Let us show you how you can save money by analyzing your purchase orders, invoice header & line data, spend categories, & suppliers, among many other reporting structures.

We even go one step further by showing you how your end users are spending money or notifying you if you are overspending on certain products. With Advanced Spend Analytics (ASA) if you are overspending on a product/service that we can track, you will receive automated notifications to alert you.

You can finally visualize spend data across a decentralized process, & drill down to number of keyboards you’ve purchased in a year or how many different providers of milk your staff use.

Plus, our carbon tracking & reporting tool allows you to reduce delivery mileage from your suppliers to your sites.

Powerful detailed reporting for the future of procurement & finance, making it possible to achieve the extraordinary, all with a non-existent learning curve. Just login & in with our ASA solution to see your Advanced Spend Analytics in real-time. Digital Procurement just became attainable for any business.

What does Advanced Spend Analytics do?

Identify savings easily
Line-level data analysis
Access the Compleat Data Lake
Visualize spend data
Export easy-to-understand reports
Category management
Carbon Tracking & Reporting

All New: Carbon Tracking & Reporting

The only way your company is going to be able to report on carbon emissions is if you can track where they're coming from.

Our Carbon Tracking & Reporting tools give you the information you need to fulfill SECR & Net Zero reports...

How about a FREE spend analysis review?

Let our procurement experts collate, analyze, & review your data, with a view to making unparalleled savings.

Why do you need Advanced Spend Analytics?

The Compleat Data Lake: a sea of opportunity

All orders & invoices through our purchase-to-pay system are captured into our data lake. It's captured in real-time to build a constant reflection of your spending from the first transaction to the very latest one.

They are then grouped into industry-standard procurement expenditure categories, allowing a total overview of what your business is spending in each category.

This is where it gets fun, we then show you where you could make savings in each of those categories, with the information being provided by our procurement partners.

Reviewing spend over time, allowing future savings

We provide a monthly or yearly breakdown of all spend by supplier/department/geographical location etc...

When an order is made & completed through Compleat P2P, we make the most of that data by creating an overview, broken down into categories. This indicates where the potential is for savings to be made in each category, allowing for an easy, painless spend optimization project.

Plus, if you have different locations or sites, you can use the geographical map to see which sites are making the most & least savings.

Same product, different supplier, but cheaper

Supplier expenditure allows you to review your suppliers in spend order.

Make faster decisions on spend by consolidating your suppliers with Compleat. We simply break down your supplier data into categories to find suppliers with the cheapest unit price, allowing huge savings to be made.

In fact, one of our customers recently saved 17k in a month on paper alone by using this simple tool.

Bringing the saving power of large enterprises to SMBs

Compleat shows a detailed breakdown of the expenditure per category against the potential industry average procurement savings achieved in similar projects.

This provides a starting point for assessing which areas are a priority for cost savings.

More codes & categories means more data. More data means more savings. The category mapping tool allows you to see the relationship between your coding of purchase orders & mapped expenditure categories. A simple way of viewing how many codes, supplier categories & suppliers you have set up, to see where more could be added.

Line-level data analysis

Where data allows, we provide access to line-level detail, giving access to the purchase order & invoice lines that we extract & store for specific customers.

Conducting these detailed pricing & purchasing reviews allows the most detailed level of drill down. It shows where each product has been purchased, the unit price & quantity alongside the suppliers product description.

It shows the vast differences that can be made for particular items & places where you can make substantial cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is ASA? Advanced Spend Analytics is a spend analytics solution complete with a range of reports that allow you to analyze spending across your whole supply chain. Our reporting function allows you to fully analyze your spending via the supplier, in a range of procurement categories, as well as down to the nominal level. This not only allows you to keep track of the expenditure across suppliers, & users, but also support negotiations with key suppliers when undertaking spend reviews and renewing contracts
Where does the underlying data in ASA come from? All data in ASA is taken directly from the purchase invoices which are fed into our Digital Invoice Capture Portal.
What data are you capturing? We bring in both the header and line information from invoices, so you can see not only the supplier information but the specific information relating to the item and values spent.
How long does it take to implement? The great thing with ASA, is we don’t have to implement anything! We host all the data for you in our Data Lake, as well as the reports through your Compleat P2P solution. We do however have some preliminary steps to take before we make the reports available, which include checking the data and re-categorizing any suppliers, setting up users and permissions, and providing onboarding training to get you started. The lead time for completion of this is currently 4 weeks.
Can I extract the data to excel / word etc? Yes. Wherever you see the ‘three vertical dots’ symbol within the tool will take you to the export options.
Can I restrict the report so that only specific users can see data that relates to them rather than the wider business or no access at all? Yes, ASA can synchronize with the security permissions you already have in place to accommodate this.
Can I view my expenditure by single site or user rather than overall? Yes, powerful multi-select filters allow you to drill into the data as much as needed.

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