Accounts Payable Automation

Whether you are a small organisation with simple processes, a large multinational with sophisticated requirements or anywhere in between, we can help.

Compleat is designed to be uniquely scalable, enabling each of our customers to meet both their immediate and future requirements, straight out of the box.

Invoice data extraction & approval workflows simplified

AP Automation is made simple thanks to our Digital Invoice Capture process, delivering invoices and associated documents directly to our app for immediate processing.

We integrate seamlessly with your favorite accounting/ERP software to access general ledger codes, reducing the need for manual coding. Our dynamic workflow capabilities ensure every transaction follows the right process in the most optimum way.

The result? Increased productivity of between 60-90%, at an affordable cost.

Integrated Online Buying 

If this capability is not on your requirements list – it should be! 

Gain full visibility and take 100% control over spend before it takes place, buying online directly from your suppliers’ websites. 

Integrated Online Buying dramatically increases the value of Accounts Payable Automation for the entire business by saving you time and money.

What does Accounts Payable Automation do?

Everything from Digital Invoice Capture PLUS

Dynamic intelligent approval workflows with unlimited steps

Powerful parallel & group approval workflows

Advanced automated GL coding capabilities

Fully automated approval workflow selection

Dedicated mobile app for 24×7 access

Multi-lingual support at user level

Proposed payment lists & approvals

Email/Push approval notification reminders

Real-time access to invoice status for everyone that needs to know

Add comments & attachment any document to invoices

Nominee approvals for “out of office” cover

Fraud Protection with supplier bank account validation

Duplicate invoice protection to avoid double payments

All transactions retained for minimum of 7 years

Full audit trail with name, time & date stamp

Real time accruals & cash requirements reporting

Taking the strategic approach to Accounts Payable Automation

Compleat can help you start your journey towards full purchasing automation. The best part? You won’t face any extra costs for additional application software. 

Compleat is designed to unify buyers, budget holders, and finance with the applications, tools, and information each discipline requires, to deliver the most seamless, holistic, and commercial beneficial experience possible – the whole business working from the same real-time digital page. 

Start your automation journey with the comfort you have also planned for the future! 

Why do you need Accounts Payable Automation?

100% visibility of every transaction

Easily see the status of all past and current transactions.

Helps buyers and budget managers find the best value for their purchases.

Productivity and spend intelligence

Enjoy more free time for valuable work thanks to automation of manual tasks.

Easily track invoice statuses and prompt approvers for outstanding/questioned invoices.

Start the journey to full purchasing automation

AP automation is the beginning of the journey.

Purchasing automation (with budget management) provides total control over spending, increasing automation and effectiveness.

Faster month end closes

Speeds up the approval process, making month-end closings quicker.

Simplify and automate reporting cashflow requirements.

Reduce the risk of fraud

Automated supplier bank account validation, plus duplicate invoice checks that highlight and flag potential fraud attacks.

Integrated Online Buying

With Amazon Business and almost every supplier website delivers the very best buying experience, while reducing the cost of what you buy.

Watch Compleat AP Automation in action

Become an ERP software author / reseller Partner

Join our growing number of global software author Partners that have embedded Compleat (usually fully white labelled) directly into their application stack to meet the growing demand from both their existing customers and new prospects for AP and P2P automation.

Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility & direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support & professional services.

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