Accounts Payable Automation

Approving invoices has never been so easy!
Our Accounts Payable Automation software has everything you've ever wanted for your AP process & more...

Invoice data extraction & approval workflows simplified

Take two stressful parts of the AP process, invoice data extraction & approval workflows. Now remove them from your mind — better, right?

Accounts Payable Automation takes on the boring data input & guides each necessary invoice about the business for the appropriate sign off. You can go back to doing what you do best.

In fact, letting a computer take on this work will not only save your back from breaking, but will increase productivity between 60-90%, at an affordable cost!

Better yet, you don’t need to engage in the long sales process historically tied to business process applications. Our AP Automation is ‘self-service’ so you can set yourself up and go live within a day (although we’re happy to help wherever we can!).

What does Accounts Payable Automation do?

Everything from Digital Invoice Capture PLUS
Dynamic approval workflows
Parallel approval workflows
Automated coding
Automated invoice approval
Email/Push notification reminders
Real-time invoice status
Add comments & attach documents to invoices
Comprehensive dashboards
Export reports to Excel
Full audit trail
Multi-currency & language
Bank details verification

Put the 'pro' back into suppler invoice processing

We've got AP Automation tools worth bragging about, so why not indulge us?

Digital invoice capture? No problem. Multiple approvals? Easy as pie. Touchless invoice processing & a seamless integration to your finance system? We practically wrote the book.

We eat, sleep, & dream about your invoicing process so you don't have to.

Why do you need Accounts Payable Automation?

Comply with all tax regulations & best practices

Digital document management means every step of the process is traceable. Comply with local tax regulations (VAT / Sales Tax etc.) & support best practices with a paperless invoice process.

Track invoices from receipt to approval

Track an invoice from the moment it enters the business with information on workflow status & who it is currently waiting for. You can even ‘nudge’ users to keep momentum!

Never lose or misplace an invoice again

Gone are the days of ‘helpful’ AP staff hiding invoices in desk drawers to delay payment. Wave goodbye to the postman (he has not lost his job, it’s just polite to say hi & bye). With paperless invoicing, nothing gets lost, nothing falls through the cracks, everything has been accounted for (get it?) & duplicate invoices are forgotten in the excitement of instantaneous query resolution.

Gain real-time visibility of your cash requirements

Real-time cash requirement reports include all invoices from the moment they are received, whether they are awaiting approval or already approved (posted to accounting software) but not yet paid, including payroll, VAT, & PAYE/NI. Tap into this knowledge to better understand your cashflow requirements.

Speed up approval processes

Forget clunky, linear workflows. Say hello to a whole toolbox of approval processes. Single, multistep, approval groups, all with automated reminders. Approval can be given from any connected device, so you really can approve on the move & keep the wheels turning full speed.

Improve supplier management

Get the best value from your suppliers by having all the relevant information immediately to hand, not locked up in the filing cabinet. Every invoice is captured as a PDF while header & line level information is extracted for more profound analysis. Information is then available instantly for finance & management to review & control spend.

Streamline month-end accruals

Immediately available information. Access real-time dashboards & reports, including month-end accruals. Find invoice data on every invoice received, not yet approved, or under query, & easily export to Excel in one click.

Save money by eliminating errors

Errors be gone. Every chance your AP process has to fail: overpayments, duplicate invoices, late payments, & fraud. Thwarted with the cold claws of computer processing power! Accuracy checks are now in place for every single invoice, including duplicate checks and bank account validation. Potentially the largest area for accidental (or fraudulent) losses is now the safest.

Watch Compleat AP Automation in action 📽️

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Frequently Asked Questions


How will Compleat get my invoices processed faster?

Compleat uses powerful AI to code your vendor invoices & route them to the right people for processing & approval. With automatic coding, vendor layouts, & workflows that mirror the approval process in your organization down to a tee, invoices can be posted to your finance system within minutes, not days.

How does Compleat integrate with my finance system?

We've created connectors to integrate your finance system with Compleat in just seconds to share your finance data & accounting codes in real time, & post invoices for payment. Each connector is encrypted to protect your important data.

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