Starting your purchasing automation journey

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Starting your purchasing automation journey

Every purchasing automation journey starts with the first step, but planning your ultimate destination is essential to make the right strategic decision. 

Many of our customers’ initial focus is automating their invoice capture and accounts payable processes – a great first step, laying the foundation stone that ensures they can continue their journey towards full purchase-to-pay automation. 

But few had considered integrated online buying from their suppliers websites within their strategy, yet almost all adopt these capabilities once they are aware of the benefits. 

The Compleat Journey

Our customers range from very small businesses with just 5 users and processing under 1,000 invoices a year, to multinational enterprises, with many hundreds of users, processing 100,000’s of invoices per annum.

To achieve this, we have developed a uniquely scalable and affordable solution that is configured to meet the immediate requirements but includes the capability to systematically increase the level of sophistication & scope as required.

Our software is easy to use, requires minimal set up. You can go from testing to live in just a day or two.

But this is just the starting point. Our applications include an extremely broad and deep level of functionality to meet the most demanding requirements – but more often, to address a new requirement that was not considered when selection was made.

All these capabilities are included within our core pricing, opening the door for your automation journey, without additional costs.

Delivering total peace of mind for your long-term strategic journey.

What makes Compleat different?


Unlike most alternative providers of this service that require your AP staff to check every invoice processed and then make corrections (reflecting the accuracy of their data extraction services), our advanced AI / ML & OCR technologies extract both invoice header and line level information, in any language or currency, and deliver the accurate data ready for immediate processing.

The ultimate in workflow approvals

Every business has different approval processes and often, multiple exceptions for specific suppliers, projects, values, specific general ledger codes and many other criteria.

Our intelligent and dynamic workflow architecture significantly reduces the number of workflows you need to build (and maintain), as the transaction will always follow the correct approval steps every time.

But we go further, providing simultaneous “parallel” approval workflows where more than one approver is required (e.g., invoice lines across multiple departments) plus “approval groups” where two or more approvals are required, common for trustees in NfP and education sectors. Our parallel and group workflows break the tedium and wasted time of purely sequential approval processes. 

Why have we done this? Because it makes life simple, speeds up the approval processes, increases the selection of the correct process, and delivers happier customers.

Advanced defaulting of general ledger coding

Selecting the correct general ledger codes for a supplier, or a specific invoice line item is a key skill set to delivering accurate financial reporting. However, a sizable proportion of coding is repetitive, so we remove that work. We provide access to over 30 defaulting datapoints that can be set up in advance, or on the fly to remove this repetitive task.

These invoices arrive and are correctly coded and dropped directly into the approval process without touch – but AP can also include a review step within the workflow, just to be sure!

Integrated Online Buying

We all know why we buy online. It is fast, convenient, and usually cheaper to deliver what we need, where we need it, when we need it. 

Compleat already works with the leading online suppliers, including our Amazon Business jointly developed “Punch In” technologies, defining the next generation of these capabilities. 

But we can provide these capabilities for almost every supplier’s website at a fraction of our competitor’s costs. 

Bottom line, your staff will love this capability which drives adoption, enables you to consolidate suppliers, achieve best value pricing, and totally automates the entire purchasing process.

Advanced Budget Management

The primary goal for finance is to stop budget overspending. We do that, but then take the benefits of automation to the next level.

Our focus is to deliver the budget holders with the tools, information and processes that replace their spreadsheets, enable the use of their own multilevel spend analysis, and critically, allowing the capture of planned future spend to maximise the effectiveness of their spend & save them a huge amount of time.

Automated alerts highlight when budget limits are being approached and when exceeded, prior to the order being approved.

Budget holders love these capabilities, becoming more informed and more effective in driving the maximum value from the available funds while putting finance and budget holders on the same digital page.

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Our customers Compleat us

Compleat is being used by businesses across the globe to automate their purchasing processes. 

Compleat is particularly strong in not-for-profit, education, professional services, and manufacturing sectors – reflecting our growing number of ERP author partnerships that adopt (and often white label) our applications within their application stack.