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However far you have come on your journey to Accounts Payable,
supplier invoice or even P2P automation, we have the next product to help.


Helping YOU to achieve the extraordinary.

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We don't want to hide what we can do for you, in fact we want to make this crystal clear! 

Whether you need help with supplier invoice automation, or you are ready to take on a full digital procurement project we want to help you on your journey to achieving the extraordinary. After all, it is why we are here &  #TheFutureIsNow 

Check out our 4 easy to understand plans below, & if you keep on scrolling there are a few of our most frequently asked questions & answers as well. 

Invoice Automation
Compleat digital invoice
Invoice header & line level capture
Full mobile application
Multi currency & language
Workflow approvals
Unlimited approval steps
Concurrent approval
Proposed payments on the move
Accounting / ERP integration

Everything in Invoice Automation PLUS...
Compleat integrated online buying
Integration with more than 50 stores
Order requisition automation
Pre-order workflow approvals
Digital ordering
Auto GL coding processes
Invoice to PO match 2 way matching
Additional Compleat reports

Digital Procurement
All the functionality
The Compleat Data Lake insights
Full spend data analytics
Line level data on
every invoice
Category management
e-tendering support
Supplier selection analysis
Savings deep dive &
Your questions. Our Answers

A few FAQ's

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There is no such thing as a stupid question - only stupid answers! Our teams are here to help your teams achieve the extraordinary.

How long does it take to process an invoice?

The time taken to extract transaction data from a supplier invoice & send it to you in-app can range from a matter of seconds to upwards of 1 working day during busy periods.

Using best practice, PDF transactions sent directly to us by your suppliers can land in your unprocessed tray almost instantly. Scanned transactions sent in by yourselves will take much longer to arrive. For this reason, we strongly recommend having your suppliers send transactions to us directly.

How do I know if a supplier invoice is going through data extraction?

When our extraction software has received transactions that are yet to arrive in your instance of the application, you will see a banner at the top of your unprocessed tray stating the number of transactions we’re currently working on for you.

This banner can be clicked to view full details of the transactions. From here you can see the supplier who sent them, the time they were sent & even an image of the documents.

Are the workflow tools for approvals easy to set up?

The short answer? Yes. 

From assigning users to deciding value limits everything in the workflow builder is simple & easy to use. In just a handful of steps you can have a fully functioning, best in class, workflow up & running WITH NO CODING!

Can we set up new users or do we have to contact you for this?

Setting users up in the software is a very simple process, but we have a handy step by step guide to help you out! 

As long as you know what access you want your user to have it is simply a few check boxes, and your new user will be added and receive an e-mail invitation. 

More questions for us?

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Please get in touch with us & ask us! We are here to support you & your team on your journey, & answering a few questions keeps us on our toes!

You are in great company on your journey!

Compleat-ly amazing customers

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With more than 250 customers across the world we are delighted to say that our software is built with our customers in mind. Whatever size, industry, set up or sector we can safely say that every one of our customers is on their road to achieving something extraordinary. 

From The London Zoological Society to CIPFA & from The Girls Day School Trust to Biogen, we are focused on making sure that our customers exceed their goals.

Ready to see what the fuss is about?

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Drop us a line ---> & let us know that you are looking for a free (funny how we still say free demo, right?) demo & let's get something in the diary.