Online Buying

Invoice Automation is so much easier when you buy online to begin with, & when you buy through your P2P system, the data is already there ready to match.

Let us cover the whole process, from facilitating orders, approving spend, & then processing the subsequent invoices.
Seriously, we've got it from here.

Online Buying? More like 'Online Hello-ing', am I right? (I'll see myself out 😳)

Online Buying: you do it at home, so why not at work?

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Why complicate things? Log in to Compleat, find what you need, buy online, have the spend approved, & then later on match the invoice to the PO & automatically set for payment. Online Buying even makes it easier to use preferred suppliers, resulting in loads of savings & great supplier relationships!

Also (no, we're not done yet!) we have over 50 store integrations, including Amazon for Business, so no need to worry that we don't have what you're looking for! You don't even need to leave the app, embrace online buying, & be empowered!

Online Buying

What do you get for your money?

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While this is not an exhaustive list, we know it is important for you to understand exactly what you are looking at. 
Does this do what you need it to? Does it have the functionality you want? Will it grow with your business?

Compleat Online Buying includes everything from Invoice Automation PLUS...

Compleat integrated online buying

No need to leave the platform to buy from your favourite suppliers, they're available inside of Compleat.

Integration with more than 50 online stores

Online buying is truly is a win/win for buyers & sellers, we've seamlessly integrated with 50+ suppliers.

Order requisition automation

Automate the approval (or not) for purchase order requisitions.

Pre-order workflow approvals

Know when & where you're going to buy something? Set up a workflow to approve these pre-orders!

Auto GL coding proesses

Automate this at order & invoice approval stages, or key the information as part of the approval process.

Additional Compleat reports

Reporting on everything that you are doing within Compleat, from online buying to paying invoices!

For the remote worker

Truly flexible online buying

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Not only can you approve on the move with the Compleat app, buyers can have their own profiles each with different delivery instructions, perfect for flexible working. If you use our Amazon Business integration, Amazon can even use delivery instructions from personal accounts to save time!

Buying & paying; automated

Workflows that work for you

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On top of all the invoice approval workflows from the Invoice Processing plan, Online Buying grants you the ability to automate order requisitions. That's all fine & dandy, right? But what if we could also automate pre-orders? You guessed it: we can!

Buyers Guide to AP & Purchasing Automation

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Not sure you've thought of all the right boxes to tick before selecting an automation solution for online buying? We put together this buyers guide to make sure you're asking all the right questions to any prospective supplier.

Book a demo

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Seeing is believing. Compleat Online Buying is so simple to use & intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out & see for yourself.

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