Referral & Reseller Partners

We are building partnerships with ERP & Accounting Software resellers to fill their NEW functionality gaps for one or more of:

Digital Invoice Capture | AP Automation | Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) | Integrated Online Buying

Referral & Reseller Partners

We are building partnerships with ERP & Accounting Software resellers to fill their NEW functionality gaps for one or more of:

Digital Invoice Capture
AP Automation
Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)
Integrated Online Buying

Prospects and existing customers are now demanding these capabilities as core functionality in their selection processes.  

Compleat will help you to win more new customer sales and reduce customer churn by addressing these demands in two ways 

Referral Partnership: The Quick Fix 

Simply register the opportunity and we will work alongside your team to undertake the sales engagement, followed by deployment, configuration, training, and ongoing support services to your customer…. and pay you an introduction commission. 

This approach enables you to meet the immediate prospect and customer demand and fully evaluate our people, applications, and services with minimal effort or risk. 

If, at a later date, you convert to a Reseller Partnership , you will enjoy your full  Reseller Partnership margins for every referral sale you have already made, including all upgrades and customer subscription renewals.  

 Reseller Partnership: The Strategic Solution 

The demand for Digital Invoice Capture, AP Automation, Purchase-to-Pay & Integrated Online Buying will only increase, becoming a standard requirement in most new sales engagements, but also to keep your existing customers engaged. 

Compleat Reseller Partners will earn up to 45% margin on all new sales, upgrades, and customer renewals for the lifetime of every customer, building a long term strategic and profitable business activity. 

The Compleat Reseller Partnership is designed to make your on boarding journey and long-term relationship incredibly simple, time efficient and profitable.

Why your prospects and customers are now demanding these capabilities

CFOs are looking for ways to address hybrid working and tough trading conditions to improve productivity, control spend and manage costs – purchasing automation immediately delivers the time, efficiency savings and spend control they are looking for. 

Compleat “Pick & Mix” Approach

You select ONLY the functional capabilities that you require

Digital Invoice Capture

Saving so much time

Real time status of every invoice immediately accessible

Remove duplicate invoice payments

Reducing the risk of fraud

Delivering visibility to everyone that needs to know

Download the Fact Sheet 

Accounts Payable Automation

Advanced powerful approval processes

Enabling purchase order & invoice approvals from any device 24×7 to speed up the process

Full commitment & accrual accounting for faster month end closes

Includes parallel / group approvals for the best experience

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Integrated Online Buying

Buying online delivers the ultimate user experience & usually the most competitive pricing

Our unique Amazon Business “punch in” technologies, plus, online buying from almost every supplier website transforming purchasing automation, driving use adoption

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Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

Capture all requests to buy & control all purchases before they take place

Automate the order / invoice match processes, including 3-way match with receipting enabled

Automate budget management to remove overspend

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How we make it EASY to become a successful Compleat Reseller Partner

We work alongside your marketing, sales, enablement, consulting, & support teams to generate the initial sales pipeline, win the first few deals, and successfully deploy them, getting you going and then continue to share new collateral and methodologies to keep you up to speed. 

Bespoke partner marketing content

You have instant access to our comprehensive marketing collateral

Including Word formats for simple White Label production 

Sales content & demo guides 

Sales content includes full demonstration capabilities for every salesperson, qualification questionnaires, common objection handing, & more to win the deal

On-boarding & training 

Compleat provide comprehensive training for marketing, sales, consulting, support, & development services, to get you up to speed in the shortest time possible

Pricing &  Partner Margins 

Each Partner pricing is tailored to reflect your customer spend profile & drive adoption

Reseller Partner margins of >45% ensure a profitable relationship – for the lifetime of every customer

Visibility & Control

The Compleat Partner “console” provides access to everything you need.

Including the ability to generate new customer instances, undertake upgrades & access customer sites for support & training

Your own partner manager 

Our dedicated partner support managers engage across all disciplines including marketing, sales, consulting, support, & development activities, sharing their knowledge & experience for the very best outcomes

The Compleat Help Center 

While a personal touch is great, sometimes it is easier & faster to self-serve. 

Our comprehensive Help Centre supports our partners across all disciplines 24 x7 

Regular release notes 

Our software & applications keep getting better!

Our comprehensive release nptes keep everyone up to date with the latest enhancements, fixes, & UI improvements

How do you become a reseller partner?

Step 1: Start the conversation via the button below

Step 2: We will be in touch to discuss, qualify, & quantify how we can help

Step 3: Then take our conversation from there…

Some of our happy partners

Don’t take our word for it…

“It was easy for us to choose Compleat as our embedded AP & Purchasing Automation system based on their technology, product capabilities, & ease-of-use. Compleat Software has remained exceptionally collaborative & supportive of our efforts; it’s a fantastic partnership!”

Gregg Suffredini | VP, Business Development, Data Plus

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Compleat was designed from scratch to deliver the next generation in Partner experience. #TheFutureIsNow