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Give your clients more functionality by adding Compleat to your portfolio.

Why should you become an ERP/Accounting Software partner?

Choose to build or to partner with white label & co-brand options

Compleat partnerships are truly flexible, you can choose whether you want to build in your own solution using our handy API guides, or instead use our client management system to white label or co-brand the Compleat solution.

Offer your customers more functionality than they could wish for

If you're looking to add additional solutions to your product stack, Compleat is exactly what you need. We offer various different software solutions to revolutionise the way companies work. It's time to work smarter, not harder.

Create an additional subscription based income stream

Build a long-term, annual recurring revenue stream & take full advantage of the growing demand for e-invoice capture, AP, purchasing, & payments automation. The amount of money you can make is infinite, there are no limits with a Compleat partnership.

Retain your current customers & entice new prospects

Offer your current customers more than they could ever wish for, with solutions that save them valuable time & money. Not only that, but you are opening your arms to a wider market audience with even more opportunity for new prospects.

Stay ahead of the game with innovative technologies

We understand our world is ever-changing, especially with more staff working remotely. That's why we are constantly building new solutions to support the new way we work as both staff & businesses. You will benefit from new technologies way before the market is even aware of them!

A whopping amount of partner on-boarding, sales, & marketing support

We are fully committed to our partners, that's why we give you all the support you need. Take advantage of our Content Partner Portal, where you can find partner specific on-boarding guides, sales demo guides, marketing content, technical help, & much more for YOU & YOUR CUSTOMERS.

How do you become an ERP/Accounting Software partner?

Step 1: Apply to become a partner
Step 2: Our partner managers will get in contact with you to discuss if you qualify & select the best partnership type for your needs.
Step 3: Agree on an onboarding plan & timeline
Step 4: Become a valued partner in weeks.
Step 5: Start earning.

Why should you offer Compleat to your users?

Almost every business is looking to control costs to improve productivity, profitability, & cashflow, while also enabling remote working.

The solution is, of course, automation. Automating the way they buy, account for, & pay - all while reducing the costs of what is actually spent & maintaining Compleat (see what we did there) visibility over the process...

This is now the hottest sector within the ERP marketplace & every ERP software provider is experiencing an increasing demand for this functionality, from both current customers & from prospective customer engagements.

Plainly put, we are experts at digital invoice capture, accounts payable automation, integrated online buying, & Purchase to Pay Automation applications, specifically designed for ERP vendors to meet this growing demand.

Our partner program is designed exclusively for our partners to secure annual recurring revenue by increasing the value that they can offer to their prospects & customers while adding incremental value to their own organizations.

How will your users benefit from the FULL Compleat package?

They’ll digitalize all their invoicing, meaning no more chasing invoices & POs

All invoices are sent into the e-invoicing portal & will be sent to the relevant approvers ready for approval, then payment. No more paper, no more chasing invoices & POs. 

They’ll save time on the approval process with customizable approval workflows

Multiple office locations? Various staff that need to approve invoices? Lots of departments with separate approval processes? No problem! It's so easy to set this up with our customizable workflow tools.

They’ll be able to buy online quickly & easily through our pay-by-invoice platform

Invoice automation is SO much easier when you buy online to begin with. When you buy through our P2P solution, the data is already there to match. Join the revolution who use a pay-by-invoice integrated buying experience. 

They'll use AI powered automation to save time on repetitive tasks

Our AI powered P2P system allows you to purchase online through our pay-by-invoice system, the invoice is then captured, it's sent to the relevant approvers, once approved the invoice is sent off for payment. It really is that simple!

They'll save enough money to make their eyes water with digital procurement tools

Compleat enables you to compare spend data by category & line level analysis, so you can make bags & bags of savings on what you already buy.

They'll see LIVE company spend & carbon emission data in one easy-to-access area

Have real-time access to company spend, budgets, staff spending, & supplier data, all in one area. PLUS, you can monitor & reduce your carbon footprint with our Carbon Emissions Saving Tracker.

Build bespoke API connectors for your customers

Our API package lets you create a bespoke integration between Compleat & a whole host of compatible finance systems & third-party applications.

Build a powerful API connector that posts invoices, retrieves accounting codes, & gives your users instant access to their important finance data at the time they need it.

What can your users do with an API connector?

Third-party or endpoint

Whether it’s a finance system or another endpoint on their server, users can create the perfect API integration for their Accounts Payable system.

Transaction endpoints

They can set up specific endpoints to post approved orders, invoices, credit notes, & receipting data.

Orders, invoices, & credit notes

Create orders, generate invoices & credit notes. View & edit transactions, & retrieve them at any time to their preferred endpoint.

Account, currency, & tax codes

Enjoy full visibility of all their accounting & tax codes, create & edit them, & use them to code transactions.

Custom fields & analysis codes

Create, edit, & retrieve custom fields so that users transactions are always coded with their company’s bespoke reference fields.

Delivery sites

Create, edit, & retrieve their company’s delivery sites to make sure orders always arrive at the right place, for the right person.

Connection status

See their connected finance system’s heartbeat status.

Compleat tenant details

Retrieve their Compleat company tenant name, shard, & company information.

What functionality could your users be missing out on?

Digital Invoice Capture

Our Digital Invoice Capture software goes beyond just OCR. We leverage advanced AI & machine learning technologies to reduce the cost of digitizing your invoices. No more paper. No more lost invoices, find them all in one easy-to-access area. Welcome to the new world. This is Digital Invoice Capture.

Accounts Payable Automation

Take two stressful parts of the AP process, invoice data extraction & approval workflows. Now remove them from your mind — better, right? Accounts Payable Automation takes on the boring data input & guides each necessary invoice about the business for the appropriate sign off. You can go back to doing what you do best, whatever that may be.

Integrated Online Buying

As an addition to our Digital Invoice Capture & Accounts Payable Automation solution, we can have you covered for the entire purchasing & payment process! With simple purchase order processing, you can see spend even before supplier invoices arrive in your inbox. All thanks to Integrated Online Buying!

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) combines order creation & invoice automation to revolutionize the entire purchasing process for finance, budget holders & procurement. Delivering a single, holistic, real-time view of every supplier, current & historic transaction, & the exact status of budget availability to improve financial management & spend control.

Digital Procurement

Suppliers & pricing agreements come up for review; you weigh up carrying on with the current supplier versus the effort required to find a new one: collating pricing data from multiple supplier invoices to compare to any other provider (which usually makes lower value projects with big saving potential a non-starter). Digital Procurement has never been this simple.

Advanced Spend Analytics (ASA)

Advanced Spend Analytics. One powerful tool that allows finance, procurement, senior management, & stakeholders access to detailed reports on a wide range of expenditure areas. The amount of data you can compare is infinite. Let us show you how you can save money by analyzing your purchase orders, invoice header & line data, spend categories, suppliers, among many other reporting structures.

Got a question?

What is an ERP/Accounting Software partner?

ERP/Accounting Software partners, are sometimes known as ERP vendors/authors (or key resellers). They are business software developers and providers of accounting & finance software systems. 

You will be able to add some (or all) of our products to your product stack, meaning your clients will have more functionality than they'd ever wish for. 

In addition, our team are always looking at new technologies & ways to improve, so you can take comfort in knowing the products we offer are fresh, new & innovative. 

How do I qualify as an ERP/Accounting Software partner?

As an ERP/Accounting Software partner, you must be able to include our products within your software stack.

Ideally, you would already have an understanding of software products, APIs, & development.

You would have two options, to build or to partner. If you choose to build, then you would need developer knowledge. But if you choose to partner, you can simply use our partner client to manage all of your clients in one easy-to-access area.

If you qualify, our friendly sales & support teams will set up your partner account & guide you through the on-boarding process.

Which products can I resell to my customers?

All of them!

Check out our products here.

How much can I earn?

We have various different partnership options & it depends on which partnership is agreed on. But the amount you can earn is INFINITE.

For more information on pricing, get in contact with one of our partner managers. 

How does pricing work for my customers?

We make it super simple, you can get your end user pricing in a few clicks.

All Compleat prices are provided in the FREE content partner portal together with a simple-to-use pricing calculator that helps set end user pricing. 

Compleat pricing is made up of 2 core components: 

Compleat Subscription

Compleat is available both as a monthly or annual subscription and is based on:

  • The number of users
  • The ERP/Accounting Software being used by the customer

The rationale behind this approach is that the value Compleat delivers to each customer increases as their volumes and sophistication increases. Our pricing reflects the growth in customer value for larger customers and the increasing utilisation of the more sophisticated aspects of Compleat’s core functionality.

On each given monthly payment cycle, the partner will be charged one line per client that is paying monthly, and one line per client paying annually, if the month in question is their renewal month.

Compleat e-Invoicing Transaction credit packs

The Compleat e-invoicing service is provided against pre-purchased transaction credits where one credit is equal to one invoice processed: irrespective of format, language, currency, the number of pages or number of line items. The price per transaction credit is determined by the Transaction credit pack purchased.

Advanced Spend Analytics

Compleat offers a reporting tool specifically designed to analyse spending data and reduce costs. This reporting tool extends every General Ledger by adding supplier category analysis with spend broken down per supplier, site, and user. You will even receive insights into percentage of savings per supplier category to help control and then reduce costs.

Advanced Spend Analytics reporting is charged as an annual subscription based on the annual value of spend derived from invoices processed or predicted spend in the current year.

Can I see the software in action before signing up?

Of course! 

You can book a demo & we will be in contact to schedule a demo for you.

Do you offer onboarding, sales & marketing support?

We do! 

You can also take advantage of our handy sales demo guides, onboarding guides & training documents, all available within your own dedicated content partner portal.

Can I run my own demos for customers?

You certainly can! 

You can also take advantage of our handy sales demo guides, on-boarding, training & we even offer our webinar platform if you don't have one of your own. 

Can I use my own brand to resell Compleat products?

Simple answer, yes!

We offer the ability to white label our software, meaning you can use your own logo, images & brand colors. It's so simple to do, but if you need help, you can find a simple setup guide on our help center showing how to customize the Compleat solution to suit your brand.

We even offer lots of prewritten sales & marketing content to white-label including campaigns in a box, sales demo guides, fact sheets & much more. You can find this on your dedicated content partner portal.

How do I become a partner?

Step 1: Contact us to speak to one of our Partnership Managers.

Step 2: Discuss & choose the appropriate partnership type.

Step 3: Agree on an onboarding plan & timeline.

Step 4: Become a valued Compleat Partner in weeks.

Step 5: Start earning in your first month.

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