Your client partner portal

Have FULL control of all your clients within your dedicated client partner portal. 

Manage your clients in one simple dashboard

Compleat control for our partners

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Have access to your own partner-specific account, within the software, where you will be able to customize the software with your own logo, splash image, favicon & colors. Don't worry about making the software look on-brand, in fact, we even provide you with co-branding & set up guides to make the transition to becoming a partner simple. 

All your client management is in one easy-to-use dashboard. You can review all your clients' in one place, get a quick & easy overview of their names, licenses, active users, subscription types, costs & credits. Plus, you can add new clients & even send out invitation links by email. It's all at your fingertips!

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What will you find on your client partner portal?

Client management Review all of your clients' in one place. Get a quick & easy overview of their names, licences, active users, subscription types, costs & credits.
Credit utilisation & subscription history See how many credits your clients are using, along with a grand total for each calendar period & with a handy export tool.
Client credit purchase history See the purchase history of all your clients so you know exactly when they purchased new invoice credits.
Billing & subscriptions Review all your clients bills & subscriptions for a selected calendar day including any discounts %.
Add a new client Create new clients within the software when your leads inevitably come rolling in! 
Invite new clients by email Simply use our email invite tool for any new clients, allowing them to register as a new Compleat user under your client management system.
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How do you become a partner?

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Step 1:
Apply to become a partner
Step 2: Our partner managers will get in contact with you to discuss if you qualify & select the best partnership type for your needs.
Step 3: Agree on an onboarding plan & timeline
Step 4: Become a valued partner in weeks.
Step 5: Start earning.

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Compleat was designed with partners in mind. Our go-to market strategy is partner first. #TheFutureIsNow

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