Accountancy partners

Make money for your accountancy practice whilst making your life easier.

Why become an accountancy partner?

Quickly process invoices on behalf of your clients

Our AI-powered invoice capture software processes invoices from ordering, straight through to payment with very little human touch (if any). 

Add more value to your service

Offer your clients more features & functionalities by simply using the latest innovation in invoice automation & purchase-to-pay technologies. Keep your clients happy & retain them... forever.

Generate extra income for your practice whilst saving time

Pass on the subscription-based cost of invoice automation to your clients, whilst saving precious time for yourself. It really is a no-brainer, & it's time to revolutionize the way you work.

Have your clients’ invoices to hand when you need it

Have full visibility of ALL of your clients invoices in one easy-to-access client portal. No more chasing invoices & POs. Just log on, access the portal and see them ALL at your fingertips.

Remove paper from your practice FOREVER

When you use Compleat, there is no need for any paper in your accountancy practices. No really, get rid of those filing cabinets, you don't need them anymore!

Spend more time finding new clients

Pass the hard work over to us. Remove the meaningless repetitive tasks. Focus on what's really important; gaining new customers without the need for additional resources or staff!

How do you become an accountancy partner?

Step 1: Apply to become a partner
Step 2: Our partner managers will get in contact with you to discuss if you qualify & select the best partnership type for your needs.
Step 3: Agree on an onboarding plan & timeline
Step 4: Become a valued partner in weeks.
Step 5: Start earning.

What the heck is digital invoice capture?

Our invoice capture solution is a “plug & play” SaaS solution which automates the capture of invoices. Extended functionality allows your clients to create approval workflows & integrates into any accounting software. 

The tools have been designed from scratch for Accountancy Practices like you to add value to your offering to clients, new & existing. We’ve worked hard to make it a scalable solution, so you can offer it to everyone from teeny bedroom businesses to massive conglomerates. 

Warning! Nerd speak coming up: we’ve harnessed AI & Machine Learning methodologies to deliver the highest levels of automation & efficiency. These technologies give us the ability to automate the defaulting of general ledger (nominal), costing & project analysis coding at both invoice header level & at invoice line level. Using our comprehensive “defaulting” criteria, between 60% & 80% of all invoices can be accurately coded automatically, permanently removing this work from the process. 

And, of course, because all of this spend is being digitally accounted for, the data is easily accessible, to you & your clients. This means your clients can see the exact status of each invoice if it’s waiting to be paid, approved, under query, or denied! 

What makes our accountancy partner program Compleat-ly unique?

Your team will have to input all the invoices received by clients to account for the spend. With an automated capture process, a computer does all the tedious work for you, reducing errors & increasing YOUR time. If the purchase requests are also digital, it can validate the invoices against them!

You & your clients can be confident whether an invoice has been received or not, by checking the system. You will have access to every invoice processed through our digital invoice capture software with a simple search function, & where an unstructured invoice has been received (in a CSV file perhaps) there will even be a mock-up of what an invoice would look like to help you visualize!

Go live in a few days
Competitive pricing
Multi-lingual & multi-currency
Easy tracking, searching & reporting
Mobile app
Unlimited multi-company support
Integrated online buying
& lots more!

Got a question?

Who can become an accountancy partner?

You need to either own or work for an accountancy practice to join our accountancy partner program. You will have access to a client portal where you are able to manage all your clients in one easy-to-access area.

If you wish to apply to become an accountancy partner, please use our handy become a partner form. You can click on the link in the banner on this page to apply. One of our partner sales managers will review your application and reach out to you. 

How much can I earn?

We have various different partnership options & it depends on which partnership is agreed on. But the amount you can earn is INFINITE.

For more information on pricing, get in contact with one of our partner managers. 

Which products can I supply to my clients?

All of them!

Check out our products here.

How does pricing work for my customers?

We make it super simple, you can get your end-user pricing in a few clicks.

All Compleat prices are provided in the FREE content partner portal together with a simple-to-use pricing calculator that helps set end-user pricing. 

Compleat pricing is made up of 2 core components: 

Compleat Subscription

Compleat is available both as a monthly or annual subscription and is based on:

  • The number of users
  • The accounting/ERP application being used by the customer

The rationale behind this approach is that the value Compleat delivers to each customer increases as their volumes and sophistication increases. Our pricing reflects the growth in customer value for larger customers and the increasing utilization of the more sophisticated aspects of Compleat’s core functionality.

On each given monthly payment cycle, the partner will be charged one line per client that is paying monthly, and one line per client paying annually if the month in question is their renewal month.

Compleat e-Invoicing Transaction credit packs

The Compleat e-invoicing service is provided against pre-purchased transaction credits where one credit is equal to one invoice processed: irrespective of format, language, currency, the number of pages or number of line items. The price per transaction credit is determined by the Transaction credit pack purchased.

Advanced Spend Analytics

Compleat offers a reporting tool specifically designed to analyze spending data and reduce costs. This reporting tool extends every General Ledger by adding supplier category analysis with spend broken down per supplier, site, and user. You will even receive insights into a percentage of savings per supplier category to help control and then reduce costs.

Advanced Spend Analytics reporting is charged as an annual subscription based on the annual value of spend derived from invoices processed or predicted spend in the current year.

Can I see the software in action before signing up?

Of course! 

You can book a demo & we will be in contact to schedule a demo for you.

Do you offer onboarding, sales & marketing support?

We do! 

You can also take advantage of our handy sales demo guides, onboarding guides & training documents, all available within your own dedicated content partner portal.

Can I run my own demos for clients?

You certainly can! 

You can also take advantage of our handy sales demo guides, onboarding, training & we even offer our webinar platform if you don't have one of your own. 

Can I use my own brand to resell Compleat products?

Simple answer, yes!

We offer the ability to white label our software, meaning you can use your own logo, images & brand colors. It's so simple to do, but if you need help, you can find a simple setup guide on our help center showing how to customize the Compleat solution to suit your brand.

We even offer lots of prewritten sales & marketing content to white-label including campaigns in a box, sales demo guides, fact sheets & much more. You can find this on your dedicated content partner portal.

How do I become a partner?

Step 1: Contact us to speak to one of our Partnership Managers.

Step 2: Discuss & choose the appropriate partnership type.

Step 3: Agree on an onboarding plan & timeline.

Step 4: Become a valued Compleat Partner in weeks.

Step 5: Start earning in your first month.

Ready to take the next step? Become an accountancy partner today!

Compleat was designed with partners in mind. Our go-to-market strategy is partner first. #TheFutureIsNow

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